12 Tips to make travelling for business more bearable

  • 12 Tips to make travelling for business more bearable

    Business travel not only takes you away from the office, but it also takes you away from your friends, family and your regular routine. When you’re not eating the same food, sleeping in the same bed or leaving for work at the same time, it can be hard to get excited about travelling for work.

    In recent times, the impacts of travel on staff and their attitude towards being away from home have come under close analysis, with a global focus on the well-being of employees. The focus is steadily shifting more towards business travellers and how they are impacted while remaining on the move. Employers are recognising that business travel can have a negative effect on the work produced and in turn adopting tools and strategies with an aim to enhance travellers’ experiences.

    It is no surprise that a big majority of corporate travellers do experience some degree of ‘feeling flat’ on business trips.

    Travellers now have more options to ‘help make business travel more bearable’. So, what are some of the practical ways to change the attitude? Pulse Corporate Travel reached out to some of our regular travellers for a bit more insight on what makes it easier for them.

    1.     Bring a friend/partner or family members

    For travellers who have loved ones at home, it can be hard to be away from them for long periods of time. If your company permits it, why not ask if they can tag along with you so once you have finished your business day, just like at home, they can be there when you walk in the door. In your down time you can also experience activities as a family and create some lasting memories.

    2.     Work with your Travel Manager

    An asset to a corporate is working with a dedicated Corporate Travel Manager that will connect you with the best end to end solutions. Travellers can be supplied with sophisticated interfaces, delivering 24/7 global access and immediate assistance, both offline and online. Mobility tools provide instant updates, booking details, alerts, 24/7 support and emergency assistance. Corporate Travel policies can also be set in place to ensure continuity across accommodation to guarantee the traveller a pleasant hotel experience every time.

    3.     Take advantage of loyalty programs

    Travelling for business has its perks. You can benefit from loyalty programs and travel reward cards to turn your business trips into an opportunity for future travel or purchasing gifts with your accumulated points… everyone loves something for free!

    4.     Pay with credit card

    Most companies don’t expect you to pay for your work related expenses. More than likely, they will either give you a corporate credit card or re-imburse you. Try to avoid using cash as you will easily lose track of your spending or mis-place your receipt. This will also help your accounts department and it’s also another opportunity to earn more loyalty points.

    5.     Have the world at your fingertips

    Make sure to load your phone with great apps related to expense management, corporate reporting, travel, food, lifestyle, etc. to make your travel life easier and more rewarding. We suggest apps like Trip Case for up-to-date information on flight changes and booking details. It is also important to make sure you carry a portable USB charger for the times your phone runs out of juice.

    6.     Keep to the left

    Travel is part of your job, so you are forever weaving and darting to get to your next destination. Because most of us are right handed, we tent to migrate to the right. Try and keep to the left and you might be presently surprised that you can get to where you need to be faster.

    7.     Download your docs

    Majority of business destinations are connected to wifi but there may be instances where you might not be so lucky. Trying to find a hot spot so you can download document is a huge waste of time. Make sure you download everything you require in advance so documents can be accessed quickly and you’re back in business.

    8.     Network

    Practice Networking. When you need to kill time there is no place better to have a chat than on an airplane. While in transit, taking an opportunity to talk to your fellow passengers while standing in the corridors will help you practice your networking skills. Get engaged with what they have to say, you will be surprised at how much you might have in common or what you might learn.

    9.     Education

    Educate yourself. In addition to starting up a conversation while killing time on an airplane, before you leave, download some motivational talks to get you inspired and ready for a new business day. Podcasts relevant to your profession will make you an expert in your field or give you a different perspective. It will also give you some wind-down time while you’re at your hotel if you need something to do.

    10.   Communicate

    Share with the team back home. While you’re waiting to board flights, take advantage of touching base with your team members to see how they are travelling, what work has been done or if you need to provide them with any guidance. If documents need to be amended or shared use Google drive or dropbox to keep everyone in the loop. Communication is key so it’s also a good idea that if you’re struggling or not happy with something – talk to your boss or HR department. If they don’t know how you’re feeling, nothing can be improved.

    11.   Stay Healthy

    While business comes first, you can’t be your best if you’re not feeling the best. It’s important to make your health and wellbeing a priority by getting enough sleep, staying active and eating well. It can be hard to stick to a routine if you are always on the go, but if you can monitor these small things your body will be in peak performance and one step closer to smarter business travel.

    12.    Bi-leisure trips

    You’re in another country, take advantage of the latest trend by exploring the destination. It doesn’t have be lengthy, it can vary from a 2-hour bike tour around town to a full day trip. The main aim is to disconnect from all things business and take in all of your surroundings. When you open your eyes to new experiences you will be surprised how much better you perform at your daily tasks. Apps like viator offer the best authentic experiences.

    With these tips, travelling for work will become more bearable wherever you are in the world. Remember, work gets done because you decide to put your mind to it.

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