Pulse Travel Update 24th March

  • Pulse Travel Update 24th March

    Dear Valued Clients


    The situation is evolving quickly as the COVID19 spreads. 


    Global governments are focusing on limiting the severity of COVID19 and the stresses on our front line medical heroes and their resources.   Relief can be found by limiting our exposure and practicing safe hygiene, social distancing and only venturing out for essentials.   Pulse is adhering to these new measures.


    Our Travel, Aviation & Cruising industry is responding by reducing & cancelling departures.   There are now fewer travellers at airports, trains stations, on buses, on freeways and including shops & supermarkets.   Many people and most businesses will be affected.  We are heartened to hear that some airlines are maintaining some essential services between major city hubs.   For example:  United airlines re-introduced its San Francisco to Sydney service yesterday for the months of April and May.   These and similar flights are required for essential travel, repatriations and freight.   There are many Australians stranded in obscure and less travelled destinations and some are being repatriated by the DFAT and by self-funded charter flights.    All businesses are now under extreme pressure to remain viable and still provide a service where there is decreasing clientele.   The new stimulus packages offer some assistance.   Pulse Travel has several hundred ticketed and non-departed clients awaiting anxiously on the news of, if and when they can travel.   This is dependent on many factors.   We are processing many cancellations, credits, reissues and refunds.   Though many suppliers are now not refunding, but are crediting ticketed clients.   Your consultants will explain these supplier’s Terms and Conditions.   Many supplier’s resources are now overwhelmed.


    Pulse Travel remains 100% committed to you, it’s business as usual, with a reduced dedicated team because of the decreasing requirement.   

    Feel free to call –

    Business hours                                                 07 3004 6666

    Afterhours   24/7 for emergencies            07 3004 6688

    Stan Klinakis  directly                                     0411 546 449


    Pulse is prepared to keep operating normally for you when the government asks us all for a full lockdown.


    Please remain safe and be supportive of one another, including family, the less fortunate, neighbors and the elderly during these challenging days.



    Kind regards


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