Japan International Tourist Tax

  • Japan International Tourist Tax

    Effective from 07 January 2019, an International Tourist Tax of 1,000 yen will be levied on travellers departing from Japan. This is to provide a source of funds to expand and enhance Japan’s tourist infrastructure.

    This tax will be applicable for tickets issued on/after 07 January 2019.

    International flight departing Japan

      Departing before
    7th Jan 2019
    Departing on/after
    7th Jan 2019
    Ticketed before
    7th Jan 2019
    Nil Nil
    Ticketed on/after
    7th Jan 2019
    Nil JPY1000 will be
    collected on behalf
    of Japan Tax Office

    Please note that this new tax will be applicable for any bookings made prior 7 January 2019, that are on hold, partial payment made or names not updated.

    Following passengers will be exempted from the new tax:

      Airline crew on duty;
      Involuntary rerouting due to technical difficulties, weather conditions or other valid reasons;
      Online and interline transit/transfers up to and including 24 hours when the transit/transfer occurs on the same ticket;
      Infants under 2 on the day of commencement of travel, with or without a seat;
      Diplomats, consular, and other eligible personnel stationed in Japan (for official purposes only) who hold the certificate;
      State guests and others with equivalent status who hold the certificate;
      US Armed Forces personnel and UN Armed Forces personnel (for official purposes only).

    For more details, please refer to attached PDF from Japan National Tourism Organisation.

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