Trip Case Issue?

  • Trip Case Issue?

    A new update has been implemented for TripCase users in regard to PNR import. When accessing the accounts, users should now receive the below pop-up message:

    If the request is not accepted, PNRs will no longer be imported/updated.

    In case a user does not agree to this new request nor the TripCase Terms & conditions, the itinerary will not be synchronized with the account.  We would recommend to access the account, and accept this permission from the “Profile” page:


    Once the above is accepted, new bookings will be added and updated on the account. For PNRs that were sent to the account prior to the acceptance of the permission, you can do a small change on the PNR such as removing/re-adding the email address. By doing so, the trip will be added into the traveler’s account.

    Please find the steps below for your reference:
    1. Log in your account, and access the profile page from your name on the top-right corner:

    2. Scroll down until you see the “Data and Permissions” list:

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