30 Lessons to Learn From Travelling

  • 30 Lessons to Learn From Travelling

    Travelling can teach us so much, open our eyes to new cultures and shape us as people in general.

    We always look forward to our next adventure or holiday not because we want to escape life, work , reality, but because we genuinely love to embrace the unknown, to meet new people and absorb the beauty of new destinations.

    Travelling is being in the real world, so here are 30 vital lessons that it could teach you.


    1. Always book with a Travel Agent 

    2. Always have travel insurance

    3. Learn a lot about life

    4. Find beauty in small things

    5. Try new things

    6. Be more appreciative

    7. Learn there are no “mistakes”

    8. Think creatively

    9. Be more patient

    10. Not sweat the small stuff

    11. Embrace a solo travel experience

    12. Be humble

    13. Make friends with strangers

    14. Forget the plan.

    15. Persevere

     16. Leave your comfort zone

    17. Learn other languages

    18. Find the value in getting lost

    19. Volunteer overseas 

    20. Live simply

    21. Appreciate other cultures

    22. Learn to talk to people

    23. Be more curious

    24. Develop confidence.

    25. Fall in love

    26. Try new cuisines

    27. Keep an open mind

    28. Be cautious, but not overly cautious

    29. Know you don’t have to be rich to travel

    30. Share your stories 

    What have you learnt by travelling? 

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