5 Reasons to Book A Group Holiday

Have you ever considered jetting off on a group travel experience with a bunch of strangers?

While group travel isn’t always the first place our minds go to when planning a holiday, they come with many advantages worth considering in 2022 and beyond.

Whether you’re after a relaxing getaway or you want to get your feet dirty on an epic adventure, group travel experiences can provide the perfect adventure that’s not only memorable but also more unique than you ever could have imagined on your own.

What Is Group Travel?

Group travel, also known as group tours, are boutique travel experiences often arranged by third parties for single and group travellers. There are a wealth of companies dedicated exclusively to group tours, and they’re a fantastic way not only to see sights you wouldn’t otherwise see but also to meet new friends from all over the world that share your love of travel.


What Are The Benefits Of Group Travel?

Group travel has a multitude of benefits – From more affordable accommodation options to curating unique travel experiences, and there are endless reasons why group travel is the ideal way to travel for both singles and groups.


 Why Group Travel Is The Best:

  1. You’ll journey off the beaten track

One of the best parts of group travel is that every journey is unique. Knowledgeable local guides commonly create group tours, and by touring with them, you’ll often be taken to hidden places off the beaten track. Think hidden waterfalls, lush rainforests, secluded beaches and local markets. When you journey on a group tour, you never quite know what you’re going to discover!

  1. Everything Is Included

If you’ve ever tried to plan a holiday, you’ll know how much research, planning and preparation is involved. For busy people, trying to plan a holiday of more than a few days is just too much – That is where group travel swoops in to save the day. 

One of the best parts of group travel is arranging your itinerary. Your meals, transfers and accommodation will be placed as part of your booking, so all you have to do is book your flight and show up! Travel groups often get discounted rates on accommodation and day trips, meaning you can travel the world on a shoestring budget and still see everything you want.

  1. You’re Guaranteed To Make New Connections

One of the best parts of travelling with a group is the connections you make along the way.

Group travel is ideal for solo travellers, couples and families – Combining you with a range of travellers from around the world, you’ll bond together over the experience, turning from acquaintances to lifelong friends by the time your journey is over. Many people choose group travel because of the friendships you make along the way, so next time you’re looking to book a holiday, consider a group experience.

  1. Feel Safe Wherever You Go

Have you ever wanted to go to a concert in a foreign country, visit a winery late at night or wander around and explore by nightfall?

Safety can be one of the top concerns when travelling overseas, but with a group tour, you can forget about your worries and enjoy experiences at all hours of the night. Don some heels, go out to a local bar or restaurant, or pop on some sneakers and see the city by nightfall.

  1. You’ll Have Your Guide

While planning your itinerary can be a great way to see the world, if you want to ensure you see the most extraordinary sights, a group tour is a way to go.

Group tours are often arranged by local professionals, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge about the local area and know all of the best tourist places to go. While tourists will stick to the beaten path and the popular destinations, you’ll be able to see some of the more hidden wonders that your trip has on offer.


What Are The Different Types Of Group Travel?

Like people, group travel experiences come in different shapes and sizes. Some are long, some are short, and some are more intense than others. When it comes to group travel, the options are endless!

The beauty of group travel is that it can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you want to relax on a beach or hike through Cradle Mountain, there’s a wealth of group travel options to suit your fitness levels and holiday needs. 


Types of group tours include:

  • Singles group travel experiences
  • Seniors group travel experiences
  • Day trip experiences
  • Hiking tours
  • Coach tours
  • Small group cruises

The team at Pulse Travel has a wealth of group tours available to suit a variety of needs. To find out more information and peruse the wealth of trips available, check out our travel specials available now!


How Can I Book Group Travel?

Booking group travel for your next holiday can alleviate a considerable amount of pressure and stress. Whether you’re busy at work and want a hands-free holiday, or you want to try something new and explore the beaten track, group travel is for everyone.

At Pulse Travel, the team has over 30 years of booking group travel experiences for both corporate and leisure travellers. The experienced team of leisure consultants can listen to your desires and help find you the perfect trip. If you’re considering travelling in 2022 or beyond, there are plenty of travel deals available right now. Get in touch with our team to book your perfect holiday today.