8 Steps to Smarter Business Travel

  • 8 Steps to Smarter Business Travel


    Business travel doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. Scrambling to plan a trip the day before or waiting until the final minute to book flights and accommodation online could result in unnecessary stress and missed savings. Not only this, incorrect business travel planning can even lead to an overall reduction in productivity and hard dollar returns.

    Here are eight easy steps to smarter business travel so that your business trips can be profitable, efficient and rewarding.

    Partner with one dedicated Travel Manager

    A common scenario we hear from large corporations is that in-house travel bookers struggle to keep up with travellers demands and costs continually increase. Changes in hotels, flight times, credit cards, invoicing, location of travellers and monthly reporting (if they even get to it) are just some of the stresses. It is always advisable to work with a single Corporate Travel Manager instead of using the services of multiple providers. This not only saves you from confusion, but it also helps you reap the benefits of a single point of contact for expense management, bookings, and reporting. No one knows your business better than your Corporate Travel Manager. Monitoring your flights, accommodation, car hire and reporting can help relieve workload stress and as a bonus, your overall travel volume can entitle you to larger discounts, offers and upgrades.

    Be Clear with Guidelines & Policies.

    A dedicated Travel Manager can help you create a Corporate Travel Policy so that your business can reap the advantages of control, cost reduction, traveller information, and travel management. It provides a solid foundation to your program, ensuring continuity of service from a travel professional who knows your requirements inside out. Individual Travel Policies are designed to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees.

    A dedicated Travel Manager is the best person to evaluate your present travel sprend by tailoring an effective and realistic policy to consolidate your travel expenses. Allowing you receive better control of your budget, increased negotiating power and save money irrespective of how many employees travelling every month.

    Take Control of Expense Management and Corporate Reporting

    Having monthly post travel reporting provides detailed insight on travel spend and management, ensuring all KPI’s have been met, as well as improving the efficiency and effectives of your travel budget.

    Pay with Credit Card

    Credit Cards and Merchant Fees are common points in initial discussions when managing your travel account. The best and first point of payment is the use of Credit card. Why?

    1. Reduced back end administration: Reduced workload for clients to monitor invoice/statements or being followed up for payment.
    2. Control: Merchants can be restricted, unauthorised transactions are reduced due to increased control and lost or stolen cards can be actioned quickly when reported in timely manner.
    3. Refunds are processed quickly and efficiently
    4. No Invoice Fees: Creating an invoice means an account management team needs to monitor each and every client which takes time. They also make sure everyone pays on time and if not they spend time following up or even charging late fees. Time is money and by paying via credit card means the middle man is cut out and no further admin fees are passed onto the client.

    Have the world at your fingertips

    Make sure to load your phone with great apps related to expense management, corporate reporting, travel, food, lifestyle, etc. to make your travel life easier and more rewarding. We suggest apps like Trip Case for up-to-date information on flight changes and booking details.

    Little Extras Can Go a Long Way.

    Travelling for business has its perks. You can benefit from loyalty programs and travel reward cards to turn your business trips into an opportunity for future travel or purchasing gifts with your accumulated points… everyone loves something for free!

    Travel Smart.

    If you want to travel smart, look at the little things that might make a big difference. You can achieve this by travelling in off peak times, keeping an eye on the best fares for the day, booking fares in advance, limiting changes, using preferred suppliers and seeking corporate deals based on your travel volume. You Corporate Travel Manager is an asset to your business, they aim to go above and beyond to help you make smart decisions that result in hard dollar returns.

    Stay Healthy

    While business comes first, you can’t be your best if you’re not feeling the best. It’s important to make your health and wellbeing a priority by getting enough sleep, staying active and eating well. It can be hard to stick to a routine if you are always on the go, but if you can monitor these small things your body will be in peak performance and one step closer to smarter business travel.

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