Pulse Travel Environmental Policy

“Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge of our time. Climate Friendly’s vision is to enable organisations and individuals to make the switch to a zero-carbon future quickly and easily.”Joel Fleming, CEO of Climate Friendly

At Pulse Travel we are partnering with Climate Friendly to provide our clients with simple and effective ways to neutralise their ‘carbon footprint’.

Two features we offer our clients:
  • Carbon Awareness Itinerary – A customised itinerary that includes a carbon emission calculation for the flight segments of the itinerary at the time of creation.
  • Carbon Emission Report – this report calculates and displays the carbon emissions per booking and the estimated cost to neutralise them by offsetting with Climate Friendly.
What makes Climate Friendly unique? Climate Friendly is the only climate neutrality service to offer:
  • A one-stop-shop that integrates climate change strategy, carbon footprinting, energy efficiency advice, GreenPower supply and the highest quality renewable energy credits
  • Climate neutrality that keeps fossil fuel carbon in the ground and creates real, verifiable carbon savings through expanding the renewable energy industry – the long term solution to climate change
  • Projects that are independently verified using the highest global standards including the international Gold Standard, Kyoto Protocol mechanisms and the Australian Government
    GreenPower program
  • Climate Neutral products that enjoy the strong support of WWF internationally, one of the world’s largest and most respected environmental groups.

To learn more about our unique corporate flight offset program contact your Corporate Account Manager or email Emmalita@PulseTravel.com.au