Business Travel In Winter: Tips To Tackle The Cold Weather

Business travel in winter can be stressful. When the coldest season of the year brings unexpected blizzards, snow storms, foggy mornings and staff shortages due to winter illnesses can lead to potential flight delays and cancellations. It pays to be super organised so you’re prepared for travelling around Australia to some of the more wintery states like Tassie or Victoria, even the Northern Territory can get down below 0 degrees overnight. Perhaps you’re headed to New Zealand for a team bonding ski-trip. Maybe you’re planning in advance for travel to a winter destination like the Canadian Rockies or Whistler, these tips to tackle the cold weather will help you prepare for your next business trip.


Ten Tips For Tackling The Cold:

1. Warm up with High-Tech Accessories

When it’s bone-bitingly cold outside, it may be challenging to dress up nicely for business meetings. But did you know warm winter clothes don’t need to be big and bulky? Modern technology is your hero, you can kiss goodbye the unattractive long johns and thermal undies. How about trying rechargeable heated insoles for your shoes? Charge them up for toasty warm feet for 5-6 hours.  No more frost-bitten toes or doubling up on socks.

Touchscreen gloves are another must-have. It gives you the ability to send emails and use your smartphone without removing your gloves. You can also grab yourself self-heating packs of Hot Hands—a Japanese invention with adhesive backing that you can slip inside your gloves and attach to the inside of your clothing. Helping to keep you warm without the bulk, you can still dress to impress them without the added layers, and you’ll also save on luggage space. For those susceptible to the cold, you can even get heated hats, jackets and scarves.


2. Pack Chargers And Batteries

Is there anything more annoying than when your laptop or phone doesn’t have enough battery power? Cold climates drain batteries faster, so don’t forget to bring a portable battery and your charging leads. Colder weather or a sudden change in weather and temperature can also cause the battery to produce less current (Bet you didn’t know that?).
Not just phone and laptop batteries are affected by the cold, lithium batteries are too. If you’ve got smart glasses, a digital camera, glucose meters, watches and even calculators, it pays to ensure you have extra batteries for these too.


3. Sign up for Flight Alerts

As we mentioned before, the winter season brings unexpected weather events. Delayed and cancelled flights due to lingering fog, thunderstorms, or even staff not showing up to work are nightmares for business travellers particularly when there are meeting deadlines involved. Be sure to sign up for flight alerts to ensure you have the most-up-to-date information on your departure. Alerts delivered directly to your phone can save you hours of hanging around at the airport. If delayed, make sure you have access to computer programs so you can virtually sign in to meetings.

If you find yourself flying consistently or you’re worried about flights being delayed while you’re in the air, speak to the corporate team at Pulse Travel about how they can support you – their team will continually monitor your flights while you’re offline, ensuring that any hiccups are resolved and you can still get where you need to go.


4. Book a morning flight

While we don’t often like to be up at the crack of dawn, booking the first morning flight is the most sure-fire way to ensure you get to your destination (and meetings) on time. Unless it’s a foggy morning, the first flight of the day is likely to be on time and unaffected by ongoing issues at other airports, and if your flight is cancelled, you’ll have the rest of the day to try to reschedule.

The team at Pulse Travel will also be able to handle rebooking your flight, informing your hotel of any delays and rearranging your car hire, so that all you have to do is ensure you get to the gate on time.



5. Travel with a work colleague

Surprisingly, the University of Toronto discovered people feel the cold more when they are alone. If you’re travelling with a work companion, ‘shop’ talk and banter is likely to keep your mind off the winter weather and help the time go by faster. In the evening, after your business duties are done, you can also network with business colleagues! Find a warm and cosy restaurant, order a drink and wait the night away.


6. Pack Smart

This one seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many business travellers don’t consider packing for cold weather. If you find yourself en route to a cooler place and need to pack for it, here are a few space saving tips to keep your luggage within the right weight:

  • Vacuum pack your clothing to save on space.
  • Layer up and wear your heaviest items on the plane. You can always remove them once on board and store them in the overhead compartment.
  • Choose fabrics made from Merino wool. They’re lightweight, warm and moisture-wicking, ensuring you’ll be comfortable throughout your trip.


7. Download Weather Apps

When you’re travelling outside of your local area, it’s always important to stay up-to-date with the weather–and not just the temperature!

You’ll want to be aware of any rain, snow, any storms that are expected, and if you’re planning to travel to a snowy climate, OpenSnow is one of the best winter apps for it. Predicting skiing conditions for more than 2,000 mountains for up to 10-days, the app even boasts a webcam showcasing the snow conditions, insights from weather experts and a special feature called the powder finder, so you can find the best snowfall and be prepared for your trip.


8. Make sure you have the right travel insurance

Make sure you know what you’re covered for. If there are flight cancellations due to weather conditions or you can’t travel due to testing positive for COVID, it’s important that you know what your travel insurance covers you for. If you’re travelling for business your corporate travel policy will likely include some form of travel insurance, so if you’re concerned about what’s covered you can refer back to that or ask the team at Pulse Travel for their advice.


9. Stay hydrated

When you’re cold, you often forget to drink water. Lack of water can result in making you feel fatigued and jetlagged, inhibiting you from putting your best foot forward and even preventing you from closing big deals. If you don’t like the taste of water or don’t want to drink cold water, try herbal teas or soup broth to help keep you warm and hydrated. We’d recommend packing the drinks in an insulated mug to keep it warm on the go!


10. Rent a car to suit the road conditions

If the destination you’re travelling to is likely to experience snowfall, it pays to have a vehicle that’s going to be able to safely navigate snowy, icy roads. For example; if your business travel takes you to Christchurch or Queenstown in the picturesque South Island of New Zealand, you’ll want to make sure you hire a four wheel drive with snow chains you can attach.


The team at Pulse Travel has over 30 years of experience assisting corporate and leisure travellers with their travel needs, so if you’re travelling during the cooler winter months, get in touch to plan your next trip today.

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