4 Jun

Top 10 Business Travel Destinations For Corporate Travellers

Business travel is a large part of life for the corporate world – whether you’re in a small start-up business or work as a part of a global entity, chances are you’ll inevitably have to visit a business travel destination at some stage. With over 20 percent of the global travel expenditure on corporate travel […]

1 Jun

The PALM Scheme: Everything Employers Should Know

International labour mobility through the PALM Scheme has long been the backbone of Australia’s agricultural workforce. Welcoming over 40,000 Working Holiday Makers into the country each year, Australia relies immensely on backpackers and Working Holiday Makers to supplement our agricultural workforce and support farmers during peak season. With CoVid19 preventing Working Holiday Makers from joining […]

30 May

Travel Insurance Unveiled: Understanding the Importance of Coverage with Pulse Travel

Travel Insurance – Two words that can change the entire trajectory of your trip if something goes wrong. Travelling is an exciting adventure, but it comes with its share of uncertainties. Since the beginning of Covid-19 travel insurance has become increasingly more important, and with travel bouncing back stronger than ever, the need to get the […]

28 May

Boost Team Morale with a Corporate Retreat: The Ultimate Planning Guide

In a world where many employees are working either remotely or in hybrid environments, boosting team morale with a regular Corporate Retreat is more important than ever. Corporate retreats are more than just getaways; they are strategic events designed to foster team unity, boost morale, and stimulate creativity, helping bring your team closer together and […]

21 Mar

Exploring Corporate Travel Procurement Solutions with Pulse Travel

When it comes to planning corporate travel, corporate travellers always want to ensure they’re getting the most bang for their buck and the best deal possible. The corporate travel market is currently worth $3bn dollars a year, and much of that relies on businesses striking arrangements with preferred travel providers for improved rates in exchange […]

8 Feb

Strategic Career Moves: Navigating Queensland Skilled Occupation List with Pulse Travel’s Expertise

The 2024 Skilled Occupation List has recently been released, and many businesses are now looking to begin employee sponsorships and bring international staff into Australia through QSOL Visa’s. QSOL – Also known as the Queensland Skilled Occupation List – Is a list of occupations within Queensland that are experiencing acute labour shortages and require international […]

1 Oct

What To Consider In A Corporate Travel Destination

Global events are once more returning to the corporate calendar. After a few years of turbulent travel experiences the world’s largest business conferences have returned once more, and with business owners prioritising convenience and accessibility more-so than ever, your corporate travel destination has never been more important. Every corporate event is different with different attendees […]

31 Jul

A Comprehensive Guide to Establishing Effective Corporate Travel Policies

In the world of modern commerce, corporate travel plays a critical role in the growth and development of many organisations. From connecting with international partners to exploring new market opportunities, travel is a strategic tool. But to leverage it effectively, a straightforward and robust corporate travel policy is key. This guide explores the importance, components, […]

17 Apr

Saving Money on Corporate Travel: Budget-Friendly Strategies

In today’s competitive business world, saving money on corporate travel is imperative for companies looking to reduce travel expenses without sacrificing productivity. Managing a corporate travel budget effectively can be challenging. With the right budget-friendly strategies from Pulse Travel and a focus on cost-saving measures, you can make the most of our readily available travel […]