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9 Jan

Book an affordable last-minute holiday

With Pulse Travel, you can make sure your last-minute holiday isn’t hindered by a tight budget. Our experienced team of travel experts will help you find the perfect destinations to book an affordable holiday that meets your budget and your desired level of luxury. With our expansive selection of destinations, you can be sure to […]

5 Nov

Top 12 Places To Travel Once Borders Reopen

Pack your bags! Get your passports ready! The Australian borders are about to reopen, and we have the top 12 places you’ll want to travel too! For nearly 600 days our interstate and international borders have been shut, but the time has finally come to stretch our wings and travel. Whether you want to stay […]

7 Jul

Ten Aussie Bucket List Experiences

Thought about writing a bucket list? Everyone has a list of things they want to do in their lifetime, and visiting Australia’s most unique tourist destinations should be at the top.   While Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast are all popular tourist hubs, Australia is full of mysterious and breath-taking experiences in every corner […]