TRAVELLING WITH POWDER: Changes to screening for international flights

  • TRAVELLING WITH POWDER: Changes to screening for international flights

    The Department of Home Affairs is introducing new security restrictions on the carriage of inorganic powders in aircraft cabins for outbound international flights.

    From 30 June 2018, new restrictions will apply to all international flights departing from Australia, including transit flights.

    • The restrictions will limit inorganic powders (e.g. salt, sand, talcum powder) to a total volume of 350ml/g or less per passenger in the aircraft cabin.
    • There will not be a quantity restriction on organic powders (e.g. food, powdered baby formula, coffee, sugar) but all powders will need to be divested from carry-on baggage and placed separately into trays for x-ray examination.
    • Exemptions will apply for organic powders (including baby products), medical or therapeutic products, cremated remains and duty free powders contained in security tamper evident bags with proof of purchase.  An exemption will also apply for items required for carrying on a business in the sterile area.
    • Further information can be found on the TravelSECURE restrictions will be implemented through a Special Security Direction issued to the airports under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004.  They will apply to all persons, including staff and crew, passing through security screening points.

    Source: Etihad Airways

    Published 28th June 2018

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