Have you tried the Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch?

  • Have you tried the Air New Zealand Economy Skycouch?

    What is Skycouch?

    So what is an Economy Skycouch™ exactly? It’s simple. Imagine a row of Economy seats that can be turned into a couch after takeoff. So you and your friend or family member can stretch out. Clever, right? Comfy, too. It’s so flexible it can be used as seating, a couch or even a play area. You’ll also get some lovely bedding and pillows. It’s a world first. 

    A lot of people ask us if they’re going to end up sharing their Economy Skycouch with a stranger. The answer is ‘no’. When you upgrade to an Economy Skycouch, you get the entire row to yourself. It’s totally private. 

    The Skycouch Infant Harness, Belt & Pod is available on all Air New Zealand Boeing 777 and 787-9 operated long-haul services. It provides additional comfort and protection for infants and peace of mind for parents or caregivers.

    And, of course, you get all the delicious food and great entertainment that comes with a standard Economy fare.

    How do I use a Skycouch?

    The seats are the same as an Economy seat, except you have an additional footrest that folds to form a couch. Each person can choose if they want their footrest up or down. These adjust to 60 and 90 degrees.

    The arm rest on the window side goes all the way up to create a comfortable lounge space. All the armrests in the middle seats also disappear in the back of the seat. 

    When it’s time to rest, we’ll help you get your Skycouch set up. We even have an extension seat belt for when you want to lie down. 

    What are the dimensions of a Skycouch?

    With the side wall arm rest up the length of the Skycouch is 1.55m (5ft 1”). And when the cushion and leg rest are combined the approximate depth of the Skycouch is 74cm (29”).

    Where are the Skycouch seats located? 

    The Economy Skycouch seats are located in the forward Economy cabin of all our 777 and 787-9 aircraft. Seat and row numbers vary by aircraft but can be found on our seat maps.

    How much does a Skycouch cost?

    Although a Skycouch gives you an entire row, it costs less than three separate seats. 

    The price of the Skycouch is by how many people occupy the Skycouch. If one person occupies the Skycouch, they will pay a higher fee than if it were occupied by two people.

    Like all our fares, the pricing for Skycouch depends on when and where you are going and the demand for the seats. When you book your flight you can see exactly how much a Skycouch would cost.

    What should I book, Economy Skycouch™ or Premium Economy?

    It depends what you want from your flight. Premium Economy gives you a premium experience for an affordable price. Find out more about a premium experience.

    Skycouch is in our standard Economy cabin, so you enjoy our signature meals and inflight entertainment. But most importantly, Skycouch gives you a full row of three seats for you to enjoy with your travel group:

    • You can lift and lower special footrests to create a single bed-like surface
    • You can stretch out and snooze
    • You can share your Skycouch with a companion or up to two children, which makes it even more economical
    • If you have a baby, we can provide a special sleep capsule

    So if you want a premium experience all the way to your destination, opt for Premium Economy.

    If you’d like the luxury of stretching out and sleeping your way to your destination, then Skycouch could be your best option. Talk to Pulse Travel Today on 07 3004 6666


    Source: https://www.airnewzealand.com.au/economy-skycouch 

    NOTE: Please take note that for safety reasons, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 15 years or older when seated on a Skycouch.
    When travelling with infants on Economy Skycouch the infant may lie down when the seatbelt sign is not illuminated. However once the seatbelt sign is illuminated the infant must be returned to the upright position and secured in the infant seatbelt.


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