Pulse Travel has all the major airlines so you can compare their prices, inclusions and availability without leaving our website. We are dedicated to providing the best airfares, the widest range of flights and unmatched value in the market.

However, if you wish to speak to us directly about detailed itineraries, current specials and how we can save you money, feel free to contact us on 07 3004 6666.

Have you thought about..

Where you want to go? Depending on your desired locations, Pulse Travel can help you with complex round the world itineraries and save you money along the way. What Class do you like to travel? Do you have frequent flyer status? Experience a different kind of service or even upgrades in:

Economy Class
Premium Economy
Business Class
First Class

Ask Pulse Travel about current specials available in each class and make your flight just as memorable as the holiday! We can even look at booking your flight with points!

In addition to your flight you can also speak to Pulse Travel about:

Checking in
Baggage allowance
Signing up to a new frequent flyer program