‘Don’t Get Caught Out Booking Online’

  • ‘Don’t Get Caught Out Booking Online’

    ‘Don’t Get Caught Out Booking Online’

    We all love the feeling of scoring a great deal, but are all the online deals we see really what they claim to be? If you are booking your own travel, are you covered if something goes wrong?

    Australian’s are well known throughout the world for their love of travel and adventurous nature. The number of Australians travelling is on the rise but so is the need for the best deal possible in a competitive market. Today, the choice is endless for online accommodation and flight deals, but as a consumer do you really know the hidden T&C’s, fees and charges? A percentage of consumers plan their holiday online only to receive an email notifying them that their flight has been cancelled or accommodation is no longer available. Do you have time to search for an alternative?

    Booking with an agent gives you the peace of mind that if your flight is cancelled at 10pm, they can help you find another. If you have trouble with suppliers, they can fight on your behalf. Online deals may look appealing, but if something goes wrong it’s not worth the hassle to find an alternative. Often your Travel Agent can book the same deals you see online… if not better! The peace of mind & knowledge of a Travel Agent is priceless!

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    August 7th 2015

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