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Established in 1989 by Stan and Anthea Klinakis, Pulse Corporate Travel offers strategic management of your investment in travel, effectively controlling and reducing your corporate travel expenditure.

Pulse Corporate Travel’s high level of service guarantees exceptional results. By working closely with you, a Corporate Travel Policy can be created that is consistent with your business objectives, as well as providing a guide for employees to define procedures for authorised business travel and expenses.

Individual Travel Policies are designed to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees.

A dedicated Travel Consultant will coordinate and supervise each booking thoroughly, ensuring that it adheres to your Corporate Travel Policy and achieves your targets. Pulse Corporate Travel will also work with you to monitor, maintain and evolve your Corporate Travel Policy, to help reduce overall travel expenses.

Pulse Travel is proud to be in the top 100 Agents Australia-wide (from 5000 agencies) since 2003 – that’s why Pulse Travel is a “Leading Boutique Travel Management Company”

If you would like to reduce your Corporate Travel costs & simplify your Corporate Travel Processes, contact us for a complimentary evaluation on 3004 6666 or corporatesales@pulsetravel.com.au