Pulse Corporate Travel’s high level of service guarantees exceptional results. By working closely with you, a Corporate Travel Policy can be created that is consistent with your business objectives, as well as providing a guide for employees to define procedures for authorised business travel and expenses. Individual Travel Policies are designed to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees. A dedicated Travel Consultant will coordinate and supervise each booking thoroughly, ensuring that it adheres to your Corporate Travel Policy and achieves your targets. Pulse Corporate Travel will also work with you to monitor, maintain and evolve your Corporate Travel Policy, to help reduce overall travel expenses.

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When you partner with Pulse Corporate Travel, a highly experienced Account Manager will be assigned to your business - providing a solid foundation for your travel program, and ensuring continuity of service from a travel professional who knows your requirements inside out. Pulse Corporate Travel provides you with a Service Level Agreement to ensure that your goals and expectations are met in a timely manner. Your Account Manager is a valuable asset to your business, who will negotiate, analyse and report on your behalf, to ensure you receive the greatest value from your investment in travel.

As a corporate client, you will benefit from sophisticated interfaces, delivering 24/7 global access and immediate assistance, both offline and online.

What you will also receive:

• Strategic and negotiated supplier arrangements
• Easy-to-use online booking tool and e-ticketing
• 100% transparency on spend and cost control
• Reporting and ongoing assessment of your spend and travel patterns
• Compliance measurement against a tailored Corporate Travel Policy
• Mobility tools for use during travel
• KPI performance measurement

Peace of Mind

No matter where you are in the world, the Pulse Corporate Travel team offers 24/7 support, with real time responses and emergency after-hours service.

If a crisis occurs, our consultants receive minute-by-minute alerts to keep you informed and reduce disruption to your travel. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that at a moment’s notice, we can pinpoint your location, amend itineraries, assess risk, book new flights or issue new visas. We’re here to help you and your staff, every step of the way.

Online Booking Tool

Pulse Corporate Travel utilises industry-leading technology and secure online booking engines with 24/7 access to empower your business with innovative travel options. The Pulse Corporate Travel Booking Tool is easy to use and customisable, helping you make smart decisions that result in hard dollar returns.

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