• TripCase

    Have you downloaded TripCase? TripCase is the ultimate Pulse Travel mobile application for our travellers to stay in control when travelling. Focusing on enhancing the traveller’s post-booking experience, this smart mobile toolkit delivers advice, alerts and tools relevant to when and where you are. Download TripCase for free to your mobile device and receive real-time access to all your trip information, right at your fingertips. Be empowered, informed and connected with TripCase. PCT TripCase Fact Sheet

    What you need to do:

    1. Traveller needs to go to the App Store and download the TripCase App (see below) which is free and sign up using the travellers regular email address.  

          2. Once they have signed up every time a booking is made through Pulse Travel the booking will automatically drop into the App on their phone and this will remove the need to carry itineraries etc.

    Here is the app icon

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