Corona Virus Update 2020-03-12

  • Corona Virus Update 2020-03-12

    Dear Valued Clients

    The Corona COVID-19 virus has just been designated a Pandemic.

    There have been multiple countries locked down and hundreds of flight, Cruise and Tour cancellations.   USA has just banned entry travel from the EU.(excludes UK at the moment)  

    Assume now that there will be more confusion, cancellations and restrictions and lockdowns.   Every industry globally has been affected.  

    World Health Organisation and The Department of Foreign Affairs have updated daily notices.

    Please read the attached advice (2020-03-12), and feel free to call or visit your Travel Manager at Pulse Travel to assist you with your reservations and itinerary changes. 

    Pulse Travel Advice Coronavirus COVID-19 2020-03-12

    Kind Regards

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