Let us help you celebrate your big day and take the stress of planning your honeymoon away!

Getting married to your soulmate is cause for great celebration, both with family and friends, and just between the two of you. Before your regular routine kicks in — keeping you busy (and apart) again, travel to a dream destination together and enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon holiday. At Pulse Travel, travelling is our passion, and our team has visited all corners of the world to find picturesque locations perfect for your next trip. Our experienced travel agents will be able to create your dream honeymoon on any budget, timeframe and desire. From a local getaway to a beach retreat in the Maldives or a safari escape in Africa, a visit to Paris (the city of love), and many more travel destinations, we will help you create an unforgettable honeymoon.





Are you dreaming of your honeymoon? Just the two of you without a care in the world. Your own exotic journey together. Your own private beach, exclusive mountain views or luxurious city accommodation. A trip rich in moments when life stands still…

Whatever scenario fills your honeymoon dreams, making it a reality is easy with Pulse Travel’s Honeymoon Planning Service.


Leave the honeymoon planning to the professionals


Chances are, your wedding day is keeping you busy enough with errands, tasks and other preparations. Don’t add planning the most perfect honeymoon holiday to your list of things to do. Let the professionals take care of everything for you, from booking the accommodation to arranging transport and ensuring everything will go down without a hitch. Pulse Honeymoons allows you to have an exotic honeymoon without all the decision making. Our honeymoon travel agents are all ATAS accredited, meaning they are well-trained and professional industry experts who comply with a strict code of conduct and national legislation. By putting us in charge of your honeymoon planning, you will:

  • Save money, time and stress researching and booking it yourself
  • Have access to exclusive industry deals and travel tips
  • Experience first-class service and support from beginning to end
  • Leave for your dream honeymoon confident that there are no hidden costs

Moreover, if anything goes wrong during your holiday, you won’t have to deal with it. Flight changes, last-minute cancellations, overbooked hotels, natural disasters impacting your itinerary — we will sort everything out for you, ensuring you’ll experience minimal inconvenience no matter the unforeseen hiccup.


A honeymoon with all expenses paid for? Believe it or not, it exists!


If you are being held back on your wild honeymoon dreams by economic restraints, then we have a solution for you. Increasingly popular, many engaged couples are choosing to set up a honeymoon registry. Part of our Honeymoon Planning Service, a honeymoon fund registry is just like a bridal registry, only easier!

You start by searching for your perfect stay and working with our honeymoon travel agents to determine a budget or lock in a couple of honeymoon packages options. You then share the honeymoon fund registry details with all your guests and ask them to donate to it instead of or on top of giving you presents on your wedding day. Your guests can nominate an amount they wish to contribute to your dream honeymoon, either by phone or coming in store — we will take care of the rest.

Book your dream honeymoon today


Although Pulse Travel is best known for our corporate services, we are also experts in leisure travel, such as ocean and river cruises, unique tours, iconic destinations and honeymoons. The Pulse Travel team will be able to create the luxury honeymoon vacation of a lifetime.

With so much to plan for your wedding, we will ensure you have peace of mind when you organise your honeymoon registry with us. Let us provide you with a dream honeymoon crafted around your wants, needs, timeline and budget. To get a taste of what is possible, take a look through our site or contact us today for more information about our honeymoon registry.


Just like a bridal registry, a honeymoon registry is a list that you and your spouse put together of things you would like your guests to get for you — in this case, it’s a collective monetary contribution towards a honeymoon package.

Traditionally, organising and paying for a honeymoon is the groom and his family’s responsibility. This arrangement was put in place because the bride and her family would be covering the cost of the wedding. With these traditions not really followed by many couples anymore, it is more common for the engaged couple to split the cost of both.

Recently, honeymoon registries in Australia have become an incredibly popular practice to take the financial weight off the couple’s shoulders, especially for those who already live together and don’t need traditional wedding gifts.

The most popular destinations for a honeymoon registry in Australia mainly fall into three categories:

  • Exotic beach locations like Bali, the Seychelles and Hawaii
  • European travels, such as visits to Paris, Venice and Madrid
  • Adventurous destinations in New Zealand and South America

Ultimately, the best honeymoon destination for your romantic getaway depends entirely on you and your partner.


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