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Group Travel


At Pulse Travel we recognise the need for quality of service and professionalism when dealing with groups travelling throughout Australia or overseas. Pulse Travel has over 30 years experience organising group travel. Whether it is for a conference, sporting event, special interest or large family group travelling, we can assist you with saving time and money.

Let our experienced staff relieve the pressure of organising your group travel. Our expertise and resources enable us to construct any number of itineraries, which we tailor to your individual needs. Whilst always working within your budget requirements and operational needs we will guarantee an event that is memorable, enjoyable and hassle-free. For an obligation free quote contact our Groups Manager Susan Sherrington on 07 3004 6666 or email





Corporate Group Travel

If your work team or other stakeholders need to visit external sites, partners, and events across Australia and abroad, look no further than Pulse Travel. Our team has a wealth of experience in organising the best corporate group travel, corporate incentive trips and corporate conferences and events for companies. We have access to a wide range of accommodation, transportation, logistics, meeting and conference venues to suit any purpose, large or small. Whether for training, team-building or conferences, we are here to work directly with you — no matter your group needs.

At Pulse Travel, we are ideally positioned to assist you with your corporate group travel requirements. When you choose any of our corporate services, you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will facilitate arrangements and negotiate with suppliers to ensure you receive the best outcome for your group travels. Your account manager will also provide detailed reports on your spending and KPI performance as well as measure compliance against a tailored corporate travel policy — for future policy improvements and cost savings to ensure you get the best value from your travel investment.

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Leisure Group Travel

There is nothing that can capture people’s minds and imaginations quite like travel can. What’s more, leisure group travel offers an exciting opportunity to see the world while bonding and developing deeper relationships with family and friends. From experiencing the rugged landscapes of Western Australia’s Kimberly mountains to the vaulted ceilings of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, you can discover new landscapes and learn to appreciate new cultures, religions and lifestyles with others.

Book your group travel through Pulse Travel, and our team will organise a bespoke travel itinerary that takes care of all the details — from planning, departure to your return. With over 30 years of expertise and an exceptional network of contacts, venues and partners, we are the group travel company that will help you realise your travel dreams.

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Religious Group Travel

For decades, Pulse Travel has specialised in religious tours that inspire and allow for excellent group travel experiences. Take advantage of our expertise and ability to tailor your trip specifically to your group’s interests as you enjoy some of the world’s most impressive religious sites. Whether it’s the treasures of the Holy Land or the echoes of historical faith in the cities of Europe, we cater for religious groups of all faiths and denominations.

Students Group Travel

Travel has always been a powerful motivating force for students of all ages. The benefits that travel offers students are immense. Through our group travel excursions, students can find out more about different cultures, personal responsibility, risk awareness, and gain an appreciation of world religions and the joys of journeying to a distant destination. They’ll learn to appreciate what they have, as well as see opportunities that lie beyond their borders. Pulse Travel can organise student group travel experiences throughout Australia and overseas for primary, secondary and tertiary school groups.

Your student travel group will benefit from the services of a dedicated account manager who will coordinate all your travel arrangements and provide a single point of contact to teachers, parents and students. We offer many different school group travel experiences, including:

  • Language Tour – Hong Kong and China
  • Kokoda Trek – Papua New Guinea
  • Ski Tour – New Zealand and Japan
  • Performing Arts Tour – USA and Europe
  • Numerous study, music and sporting groups within Australia

Comprehensive Group Travel Services

With over 30 years of experience in group travel and extensive supplier relationships, Pulse Travel has the expertise to develop comprehensive travel itineraries to achieve all your requirements. Some of our group travel services include:

  • Customised complete itineraries to suit your specific needs.
  • Negotiating group airfares, ensuring the best value for money and flexibility to suit your needs and budget.
  • Assisting with visa requirements and advising you on health, safety, DFAT, and vaccinations.
  • Assisting you in promoting and marketing your group travel.
  • Providing travel insurance specifically designed for your needs.
  • Coordinating all travellers and their individual needs (e.g. medical, special meal requirements, etc.), thereby saving you time.
  • Providing meet and greet transfers, accommodation and sightseeing services.
  • Providing a complete one-stop, hassle-free travel experience.


Are group travels cheaper?

If you have chosen to work with a group travel company like Pulse Travel, you can secure discounts not available to independent travellers and people who book through generic group travel packages. When you book with us, we can leverage your group’s increased buying power to negotiate more competitive rates with airlines, hotels and corporate conferences.

Whether you’re interested in large family getaways, incentive group travel or any other group travel, amenities including transport and accommodation that would otherwise be charged separately can be shared to save you money.

How different is group travel from group travel packages?

When you book your group travel through Pulse Travel, our team will customise all your logistics, transport, activities and every other detail to suit your travel style, needs and preferences.

While generic group travel packages are available, they are not likely to include travel experiences that cater to your needs. You may need to travel during a predetermined schedule, experience tours and activities that you aren’t interested in and be charged prices that aren’t as competitive.

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