5 Corporate Team Bonding Ideas To Turn Colleagues Into Friends

5 Corporate Team Bonding Ideas To Turn Colleagues Into Friends

Corporate team bonding—three words guaranteed to be met with much eye-rolling and exasperated sighs.

Long gone are the days of singing Kum bah-yah around a campfire and completing trust falls with your coworkers. Now, employees expect a day of fun, challenge and laughter, so if your idea of team bonding is board games in the boardroom, it’s time to level up.

Here at Pulse Travel, we’ve explored all the options for corporate team bonding experiences, and come up with a handful that we love. If you’re after a corporate team bonding experience that’s fun, creative and is sure to bring your team closer together, check out our top picks!



Image credit: Banana Life/Facebook

Survivor on Tangalooma Island

Outwit, outlast and outplay! Survivor is all the rage right now, and your employees can take part in it, too.

Run by corporate team building legends Banana Life, your tribe versus tribe Survivor experience can be designed for an overnight or multiple days. Pulse travel can take care of all your travel transfers and accommodation requirements and let Banana Life create the ultimate challenge. From customised survivor buffs to cash or ‘island totem’ incentives, your Tangalooma adventure awaits. Scavenger hunts and raft-building can also be incorporated.

To get your employees excited, have them come up with team names before you go!


Image credit: Brisbane Escape Hunt/Facebook

Escape Rooms

Find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges. There’s nothing like time pressures and working as a team to cement friendships, and if you haven’t done one yet, we highly recommend it.

Escape rooms can be found Australia-wide, so even if you can’t travel interstate, you’re likely to find one within your state. Brisbane’s Escape Hunt hosts some of the most interactive and engaging escape rooms, suitable for groups of 12 to 30. If you live outside of the Brisbane area, make a night of it and book a stay-cation for your employees.





Hamilton Island Golf Trip

Calling all office executives and golf aficionados, this is a chance for you to bond with upper management!

Departing from Brisbane bright and early, you’ll board a chartered flight to the Whitsundays and spend a day at one of the most challenging golf courses in the world. The 18-hole course was designed by 5 times British Open winner Peter Thomson, and features plenty of sand, water and rolling hills to test your golfing proficiency. Throughout the day you’ll be treated to breakfast, a full drinks cart and gourmet lunch, as well as given the opportunity to win a variety of prizes. Only 88 spaces are available for the one-time event, and bookings are filling up fast, so contact your Pulse travel corporate agent to book now.


Image credit: Great Race Australia/Facebook

The Amazing Race

“You’re still in the race!” You’ve seen it on TV. You’ve probably proclaimed “I could do that!” while sitting on the couch munching on dessert. Well, now you and your employees can test your skills and experience the excitement for themselves!

Suitable for 6 to 300 participants, the world of reality TV comes to life with professional actors, cryptic challenges, detours and everything you’ve come to expect from The Amazing Race. Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and any other location—just ask— you can take on your work colleagues in a battle of strength and endurance. Let Pulse Travel take care of any flights and accommodation and the Great Race Team will organise the rest. 





Modern Fusion Cooking

You may not be able to board a plane to Bangkok, but you can bring the food to you. Treat everyone to a unique and educational bonding experience with a cooking class, where you’ll create delicious fusion cuisine with authentic Thai flavours. Learn what ingredients to purchase and how to make curries from scratch, so your employees can take their knowledge home to their families. Red Balloon has 3-hour modern fusion cooking classes available in Brisbane Queensland. Combine that with a stay-cation at your favourite hotel and let us take care of your travel arrangements. Classes are limited to 14 people.