Corporate Services

Corporate Services

What sets Pulse Travel apart from other corporate travel management agents?

Pulse Travel has been servicing the travel needs of Australians for more than 30 years. We’re passionate about travel, and our team knows the industry inside and out. Our in-depth knowledge and experience combined with our willingness to go above and beyond for our customers is what sets the Pulse Corporate Travel team apart from other corporate travel agencies.

If you’re looking for expert, professional help with booking your next trip, whether for business or leisure, we are here to help.

Corporate Travel Services

Pulse Corporate Travel offers the full range of corporate travel services — and our high level of customer service guarantees exceptional results.

When you choose to work with Pulse Corporate Travel, you will have full transparency of your travel spend as well as a personalised reporting dashboard providing detailed insights. We can also recommend cost-saving strategies based on actual booking behaviour and trends.

Do you need help creating a Corporate Travel Policy? Part of our corporate travel services also includes developing Corporate Travel Policies for businesses. By working closely with you, we can develop a tailor-made Corporate Travel Policy that has been created to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees.


As a corporate client, you will have access to our range of corporate travel services. You will benefit from sophisticated interfaces, delivering 24/7 global access and immediate assistance, both offline and online.




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When you partner with Pulse Corporate Travel, a highly experienced Account Manager will be assigned to your business — providing a solid foundation for your travel program and ensuring continuity of service from a travel professional who knows your requirements inside out.

Pulse Corporate Travel provides you with a Service Level Agreement to ensure that your expectations are met in a timely manner. Your Account Manager is a valuable asset to your business, who will negotiate, analyse and report on your behalf to ensure you receive the greatest value from your investment in travel.

Peace of mind

No matter where you are in the world, the Pulse Corporate Travel team offers round-the-clock support, with real-time responses and emergency, after-hours service. If a crisis occurs, our consultants receive minute-by-minute alerts to keep you informed and reduce disruption to your travel. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we can pinpoint your location, amend itineraries, assess risk, book new flights or issue new visas at a moment’s notice. We’re here to help you and your staff every step of the way.

Online Booking Tool

Our intuitive and secure online booking tool uses the most up-to-date technology to provide you with a simple and easy online experience. Granting you access whenever you need it, our online booking tool aims to empower your business with innovative travel options. The Pulse Corporate Travel booking tool is simple and easy to use and is totally customisable, helping you make smart decisions that result in hard dollar returns. Our online booking tool is facilitated by Serko, a global company specialising in business travel management. Simply navigate to the Serko corporate traveller login via our website, and you will have easy access and complete control over your business’s corporate travel.

Detailed business travel reporting

With Pulse Corporate Travel, we can help facilitate in-depth reporting that can help you track trends that can lead to better policy creation and cost savings. Our leading-edge business travel reporting system is powered by Tramada. Login via our website, and you can gain access to an array of detailed reporting options that can help you better manage your company corporate travel.

What you will also receive:

  • Strategic and negotiated supplier arrangements
  • Easy-to-use online booking tool and e-ticketing
  • 100% transparency on spend and cost control
  • Reporting and ongoing assessment of your spend and travel patterns
  • Compliance measurement against a tailored Corporate Travel Policy
  • Mobility tools for use during travel
  • KPI performance measurement


How can Pulse Corporate Travel help me plan a business trip?

If you’re travelling for business, there are many different aspects of the trip you need to take into consideration. Pulse Corporate Travel can take the hassle out of planning your next business trip and help you find the best deals to suit your itinerary and your needs. When you choose to partner with Pulse Corporate Travel, we can save you time, stress and money.

What type of corporate travel services does Pulse Corporate Travel offer?

Pulse Corporate Travel are business travel experts, and we offer a range of corporate travel services to suit your needs, including:

  • 24/7 online and offline support
  • Access to our cutting-edge online booking engine
  • Tailor-made Corporate Travel Policy creation
  • Customised reporting for your business detailing booking behaviour and trends

What can I get from Pulse Corporate Travel’s online booking tool?

Our quick, corporate online booking tool provides seamless integration of company profiles, extensive fare, accommodation and car hire options at discounted rates, as well as detailed reporting options. The fees listed in the booking tool are transparent and straightforward, so you’ll always be aware of what your business is over or under-utilising the business travel budget.

How can I contact Pulse Corporate Travel?

To get in touch with the team of travel professionals at Pulse Corporate Travel, please give us a call on +61 7 3004 6666 or email us at Otherwise, please contact us online by filling out our inquiry form.