Strategic Career Moves: Navigating Queensland Skilled Occupation List with Pulse Travel’s Expertise

Strategic Career Moves: Navigating Queensland Skilled Occupation List with Pulse Travel’s Expertise

The 2024 Skilled Occupation List has recently been released, and many businesses are now looking to begin employee sponsorships and bring international staff into Australia through QSOL Visa’s.

QSOL – Also known as the Queensland Skilled Occupation List – Is a list of occupations within Queensland that are experiencing acute labour shortages and require international staff to fill those gaps.

For businesses located in regional communities, employing skilled staff through QSOL can be a lifesaver in ensuring labour requirements are met – However there are several criteria that need to be met, and businesses need to be informed of what details they need to fill out to ensure staff can travel to the country safely.

Learn about the criteria that need to be met, what businesses are required to do and how to navigate the Queensland Skilled Occupation List with the team behind Pulse Travel.

Understanding QSOL

QSOL is a list of occupations needed to help fill critical labour shortages in Queensland. Currently including a range of positions in Mining, Agriculture, IT, Engineering and more, these occupations provide those interested in filling certain roles the opportunity to enter Australia on a Skilled Visa.

For employers, QSOL can be hugely advantageous. While it provides another avenue for interested parties to immigrate to Australia, it also opens the door for businesses to look internationally for staff to fill key gaps in the labour market.

Available via invitation only, QSOL provides businesses the opportunity to sponsor employees working in a key occupation, the ability to move to Australia on a Skilled Visa – However there are several criteria that any staff must meet before submitting an Expression of Interest.

QSOL Eligibility Criteria

Designed specifically to help Queensland fill critical labour shortages, QSOL has a stringent set of eligibility criteria that any applicant must meet before applying – This includes being employed in a position listed on the latest Occupation List.

For employers looking to bring in Skilled Migrants through QSOL, this is important to consider as your employee must be in a role listed on QSOL. If the role is not listed, your staff will not be eligible for a Skilled Visa and will have to enter the country through other means. The latest list is available HERE.

On top of this, there are also a range of other criteria that staff must meet before applying:

  • Scoring a minimum of 65 on the points test.
  • Having a positive assessment in your nominated occupation.
  • Be under 45 years of age.
  • Meet the minimum language requirement for your occupation.

When you’re looking to sponsor a staff member to enter the country through QSOL, it’s important you ensure they meet all of these criteria before submitting an Expression of Interest. For businesses undertaking this process for the first time, it’s recommended to engage with a professional to ensure all criteria are met.

QSOL Application Process

Once you’ve ensured your staff’s position or industry is listed on the current Occupation List, it’s time to begin the application process.

Businesses can choose to sponsor their staff for a Skilled Work Visa, which can be an advantageous way to efficiently fill gaps in your workforce and ensure staffing levels are secure long-term.

Once you choose to sponsor your employee for a Skilled Work Visa, they will be required to fill out an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. This is the Australian Government’s website for skilled workers who want to express interest in applying to live and work in Australia, and anyone who’s wanting to apply for a Skilled Work Visa through QSOL will need to do this.

From here, if an applicant receives an invitation to apply, the employer and employee must work together with the Department of Home Affairs to ensure the appropriate paperwork is filled out and travel arrangements are made. The business employing someone through QSOL will typically have to bear the cost of any travel required by the staff member, so it’s important you partner with a travel agency experienced in Corporate Travel such as Pulse Travel to make sure this is managed smoothly.

The needs of each individual and business are going to be vastly different when applying for Visas through QSOL, so it’s important you engage with professional partners who are able to work flexibly, follow stringent instructions and meet budget restrictions to ensure the entire process flows.

Benefits of QSOL

Designed to help improve the Australian labour market and ensure skilled workers looking for employment can gain employment in fields where Australia needs the most support, QSOL has several benefits for both corporates and individuals:

Individual QSOL Benefits

For those looking to migrate to Australia, QSOL provides a clear opportunity to live permanently in Australia through a Skilled Visa. As Australia currently has several industries that are experiencing labour shortages, individuals who are open to working within one of those key fields can apply for a Visa through QSOL and move through the system efficiently.

Moving to Australia on a Skilled Visa may be more effective than other Visa alternatives, as it helps to meet Australia’s needs simultaneously.

Corporate Benefits of QSOL

For corporates, QSOL also provides significant support for businesses struggling with acute labour shortages. Industries such as agriculture and regional businesses rely heavily on international staff to manage seasonal, so sponsoring staff through QSOL can provide an effective way to manage staff levels and ensure long-term staff security.


  • How can Pulse Travel assist our corporation in navigating the QSOL process?

Having worked in the Corporate Travel industry for over thirty years, Pulse has a wide range of experience in Corporate Travel matters and has supported businesses navigating the QSOL process previously. Our experienced Corporate Team can work with businesses to ensure both government and business guidelines are met when booking travel for staff.

  • What strategic advantages does QSOL offer for corporate talent acquisition?

As the Skilled Occupation List is created based on skill shortages within the country and state and anyone approved to apply must meet certain skills-based criteria, acquiring talent through QSOL offers corporates a significantly better chance of acquiring staff with the necessary skills.

Unlike hiring through the conventional route where a business owner or HR staff member would go through a person’s resume and interview them based on qualifications and education, a person applying through QSOL must have the necessary skill sets required to complete the role they’re looking to enter the country for.

  • How does Pulse Travel customise its services for corporate clients seeking QSOL opportunities?

Pulse Travel offers customisable support for all of its corporate clients, providing a dedicated Account Manager and extensive reporting and experience to ensure clients seeking QSOL opportunities have the best chance possible.

Each individual business’s needs are different – We recommend speaking to our team to find out how we can help your individual needs.

  • Can Pulse Travel assist in managing large-scale QSOL applications for our organisation?

Pulse Travel has extensive experience in managing Corporate and large Group Travel, including providing support for large-scale QSOL applications.

Whether you’re looking for someone to provide advice or end-to-end manage the application process, Pulse Travel can support your needs.

  • What ongoing support does Pulse Travel provide to corporates with employees on the QSOL?

Pulse Travel has extensive experience in managing the day-to-day travel needs of businesses around Australia, ensuring every travel need and issue is looked after without business owners having to lift a finger.

For those with employees on the QSOL, Pulse Travel can end-to-end manage their travel and accommodation arrangements, troubleshooting any issues that arise and ensuring the entire process flows smoothly.