From the electrifying colours of the Great Barrier Reef to the rugged deserts of Uluru and Melbourne’s lively laneway culture, Australia has some of the best travel destinations that amaze locals and visitors alike. With vastly different landscapes and experiences available across the continent, what your holiday in Australia looks like is entirely up to your imagination. If you see yourself lying on the crisp white sand on the azure beaches of the Whitsundays, living the high life in Byron Bay or roughing it on an adventure in the Kimberleys, you may have been bitten by the travel bug. If you’re keen to spread your wings this year, an Australian package holiday from Pulse Travel will cure all feelings of wanderlust. Whether you’re looking for an intimate experience with your partner or group travel with the whole family, you can leverage our experience, expertise and network to handle all the logistics and finer details and craft the ultimate itinerary. Our reliable team knows Australia from coast to coast and will provide you with a dream trip to picturesque locations to meet any desire, budget or timeframe. 

Enjoy all that an Australian holiday package has to offer

The continent of Australia is like a world unto itself — with so much to discover, you’ll need the Pulse Travel team behind you to get the most out of your Australian holiday deal
  • Tropical North Queensland — Whether you’re in the sky hugging Daintree rainforest or the underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef, our Queensland holiday package will bring you up close and personal with native wildlife, from colourful clownfish to the crowned cassowary. After these once in a lifetime adventures, sojourn to Port Douglas for world-class dining, luxury resorts and independent boutiques. Affectionately known as ‘Port’, it’s the ideal spot to relax under soothing palm trees.
  • Tasmania — Against its rolling green plains and lush nature reserves, a Tasmania holiday package is hiker’s dream. With specialty cheese, wine and spirit providores, you’ll be a glutton for rich, artisanal foods and produce. No visit to Tassie is complete without a trip to the Museum of Old and New Art. Its provocative installations will reinvigorate your mind with questions of philosophy and humanity.
  • Tropical Islands — The Whitsunday Islands and Hayman Islands are the perfect base for an intimate getaway as a couple or a blissful retreat for the family. Think luxury yachting, crystal clear waters, and stunning white sands that have to be seen to be believed. 
  • Byron Bay — Intersecting bohemian living with coastal glamour and deep relaxation, Byron Bay is the ultimate escape for a weekend getaway or a week-long affair. There is a reason why beach-side Byron is a favourite among Australia’s jet-set, with its fashionable boutiques, trendy bars and a general feeling of verve. 
  • Kimberleys — Aboard APT’s award-winning expedition ship, MS Caledonian Sky, you’ll experience a totally different perspective of Australia. Between the delectable meals you’ll enjoy onboard, you'll zip through horizontal falls on the zodiac speedboat, soak up views of Adele Island and Montgomery Reef, and explore the spectacular King George River.
  • Daring flights — With scenic flights over Antarctica, you can gaze over rugged snow-covered terrain and breathtaking icebergs in picture-perfect blue seas from the comfort of the plane. Or, if you are interested in witnessing a natural wonder, book a trip to see the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights.

Book your dream Australian holiday deal today

If you are looking for one of a kind experience, our Australian holiday packages will satisfy all your leisure and corporate travel needs. Instead of getting lost in logistics and schedules, leave the planning to us and allow us to give you a trip you’ll remember for years to come. To ensure you get the Australian holiday deal you want, contact us today to secure your spot.  


What do I need to know before going to Australia?

Australia is a vast continent, with many hours of travel between the famous cities and sights you’re sure to want to experience. That’s why an Australian holiday package and the professional services of Pulse Travel are invaluable. We will handle all the logistics, find the best deals and consider all the final details to ensure you get the most out of your trip.  

Do I need a visa to enter Australia?

All foreign visitors require a visa. However, many benefit from a free visa on arrival, depending on your nationality. Be sure to check which visa is right for your trip by contacting us or confirming with your local Australian embassy.  

What's the weather like in Australia?

The country is known for its sun, surf and sand, so be sure to have sunscreen on hand during your Australian holiday package. While it gets especially hot during the summer, it can be cool during winter months, so be sure to pack a jacket and additional warm layers.  

What do I need to know about driving cars in Australia?

Our Australian holiday deals provide you with a lot of flexibility and can be customised to your preferences. If you fancy driving during your holiday package in Queensland or elsewhere in Australia, the rules and regulations vary from state to state. Some require you to hold an International Drivers Permit, and others allow you to use your foreign license, provided it is active and you have an English translation. Australians drive on the left side of the road, so you should pay particular care and attention if you are unfamiliar.  

What languages are spoken in Australia?

While English is the national language, other common languages spoken in the country include Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Arabic and Cantonese. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are also spoken in some parts of Australia.


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