Guide To Planning A Holiday Cruise Destination

Guide To Planning A Holiday Cruise Destination

Have you been considering resuming cruise travel in 2023?

Holiday cruises have returned around the globe with a splash, and if you’re looking to see multiple destinations in one trip, cruise travel is the answer you’re looking for.

Offering resort-style cruises, themed experiences, high-thrill adventures and even once-in-a-lifetime worldwide tours, cruise holidays are the perfect way to open up a whole new world of exciting destinations and experiences. Rest and rejuvenate in the resort-style facilities on board, delight your taste buds with a wealth of world-wide dining experiences and laugh until your belly hurts with world-class entertainment at your doorstep. 

Whether it’s your first time booking a cruise or you’re ready to resume travel, check out our guide to planning a holiday cruise vacation for all the tips you need to make it a success.


How To Book A Cruise Trip

1. Book with a Cruise Travel Agent

When it comes to booking your next expedition at sea, there’s really no better way to do it than by booking through a cruise travel agent, such as the team at Pulse Travel. Bringing over 40 years of knowledge to the table they will have the experience and expertise to book the right package for you, as well as take you through all the extra options you can enjoy on board, such as fine dining experiences and the various day tours available at your stops.

If you’re travelling to a destination you’re not familiar with or travelling with a cruise company you haven’t used before, these hot tips are a must-have. There can be a range of different factors coming into play when booking cruise travel, so enlist an agent to guide you. They may even be able to arrange a discount on activities or perks like an upgraded cabin to make your trip extra special. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff!


2. Organise Pre- and Post-Cruise Transport In Advance

While once you’re on board the cruise ship all of your travel plans will (generally) be taken care of for you, before you board the ship for the first time it’s up to you to arrange your transport to and from the cruise port. As the day you set sail and the day you return are likely to be chaotic, this is best organised well in advance! If you’ve never travelled on a cruise ship before, think of it like planning for a flight – it pays to be prepared and ensure you have plenty of time to spare in case last-minute issues arise.

If you’re not sailing from and returning to a port near your home, we’d recommend discussing and booking this in with your cruise travel agent while confirming other details of your trip. Your agent can book a private transfer from the airport to the cruise terminal to ensure you make your boarding time, or help to book accommodation in the area if you want to arrive the night before. Again, you want to ensure you have plenty of time between connections for last-minute problems – but your cruise travel agent can advise you with all of that!


3. Pre-book Your On-board & Off-board Activities

Apart from the opportunity to disconnect from the world and spend your days reading, swimming, eating and sleeping, one of the best parts of cruising are all of the on- and off-board activities available!

When you first book your trip, you’ll be introduced to a whole new world of dining, entertainment, relaxation and off-board adventures that you can take part in while on holiday. The most popular activities tend to fill up fast, so if you see something you like it’s best to reserve your place early. You may even get the opportunity to take advantage of any “early bird” specials available!

Booking activities early will help structure your day on and off the ship. The best vacations offer the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Plan your days early so you can sail the ocean without getting bored or stressed as you try to do things last minute, and don’t miss out on all of the activities that you really want to do!


4. Budget for your time on board

While many cruise vacation packages offer deals that include everything from food and beverages to entertainment and excursions, there may be some activities that aren’t included. While these extras aren’t off-limits, it’s important to make sure you’ve got some extra spending money for things you may want to do last-minute. Keep in mind that most cruises operate a cashless system on board, so anything extra you want to do will be charged straight to a nominated card at the end of your time!

It can be easy to overspend, so keep track of outgoings and ensure you have enough funds to cover your expenses. Some cruise liners may also allow gratuities for the staff, so you’ll want to factor this in.


How To Pack For A Cruise Holiday

1. Have your documents at the ready

You’ll need to have all your travel documents ready at the port, just like you would when you’re going for a flight. Check with your cruise company before travel for what’s required, and gather all relevant documentation together in a single folder when you pack.

If you’re heading off into international waters, you will need your passport, visa, and vaccination certificates. Even if you’re going on a domestic cruise, you’ll still need ID and, most likely, those vaccination certificates. Don’t forget your travel insurance policy to prepare yourself for any unexpected circumstances.


2. Ensure your baggage is within the required weight limits

While cruise ships don’t generally have baggage weight limits, if you’re flying to or from a cruise port, it’s important to make sure your baggage fits within the required limits.

The total baggage allowance that you can bring will depend on your carrier, and whether you’re flying domestically or internationally. While you can generally expect between 20 – 32KG in your checked baggage, your carry-on is also likely to be subject to a limit around the 10KG mark. Your cruise travel agent can advise you of all this information. When packing for your trip, don’t forget to leave extra room for trinkets as well so that you can enjoy shopping while on holiday!


Make memories to cherish forever

Make memories to cherish forever by choosing a cruise for your next vacation. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable advisors at Pulse Travel to start planning your dream cruise vacation. We also offer business travel options, so we’re here for all your travel and vacation needs!