Planning An International Corporate Travel Incentive

Planning An International Corporate Travel Incentive

Planning An International Corporate Travel Incentive

Incentive group travel is a fantastic way to reward and motivate your hardworking employees. A corporate travel agency can help with individual or group travellers, and the destination can be international or local, like going from Brisbane to Queensland.

No matter where you want to go, or if you’re travelling for leisure or business, the success or failure of your incentive group travel program starts with a careful plan. The following tips will help you plan a successful travel incentive program that fits your company’s size, culture and budget.

Tip 1 — Outline your goals

When you work with a travel agency in Australia, it’s helpful to have specific goals in mind, so everyone knows what you want to accomplish with your incentive group travel. These goals could be to:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase in profits or production output
  • Reduce defective products
  • Sales returns

Also, make sure you assign a value to your reductions or improvements.

Tip 2 — Set a budget

Your budget will dictate what you can and can’t include for perks or features when you work with a corporate travel agency. You can manage your budget by flying premium or economy over business class, picking destinations closer to your home, or being flexible with your destination options to help incorporate discounts or special hotel offers.

Tip 3 — Determine program management

Will you outsource your program to a reputable travel agency in Australia, or will you manage it internally? Decide this early in the planning stages to ensure you have resources available when you need them. The earlier you can establish a structure and plan ahead, the more success you’ll have with your program.

Pulse Travel can manage your incentive group travel program

If you want to set up a leisure or corporate incentive travel program, Pulse Travel can help. We can effectively manage your company while staying within your budget and ensuring your customers get to their destinations on time. Get in touch with our friendly staff to learn more.