The Best Airlines To Fly With In 2024: Comfort, Price, Reliability & Travel Perks

The recently announced 2024 Skytrax World Airline Awards has us interested to know which airline really tops all when it comes comfort, price, reliability and travel perks? According to the Awards, which are based off a customer satisfaction survey covering a range of topics, Qatar Airways topped the list of best airlines, followed by Singapore Airlines and then Emirates. But what this survey doesn’t take into account are some non-negotiables for corporate travellers, such as reliability, flexibility and travel perks. We know that travelling for business is much more than just getting from A to B, so we’re delving deeper to provide you with a more comprehensive guide on the best airlines to suit your travel needs.  


Best Domestic Availability: Qantas Airways 

The World Airline Awards split the Best Airlines by region so that we can see how our domestic airlines rank against each other in these global awards. In the Australia/Pacific region, Qantas Airways was the top Australian airline, ranking 3rd place behind Fiji Airways and Air New Zealand. Qantas was followed by Rex Airlines in 4th place and Virgin Australia in 5th place. While Qantas may be up there in price to reflect their premium services, the availability and frequency of flights between all major cities in Australia is second to none. As Australia’s national carrier, it’s no surprise that no matter which major city you’re in or what time it is, you can be rest assured that a Qantas flight will be able to get you there.  



Most Flexible Domestic Airline: Virgin Australia 

We all know that business doesn’t always go according to plan. Try as we might, but meetings go overtime, business gets delayed or trips get postponed altogether. No experienced travel manager can foresee these kinds of circumstances, which is why it’s important to seek out flexible fares for corporate travellers. But having the opportunity to make stress-free changes, of course, comes at a cost. It all depends on the type of fare you purchase but in essence, the more you pay, the more flexibility you’ll have. So it’s not necessarily whether the airline is the ‘most flexible’, but more so, which airline allows you to make the most changes when purchasing a flex fare. 

A flex fare with Qantas, Virgin Australia and Rex all allow you to make changes at no fee (plus the fare difference), but the difference is the timing of when you can make those changes. Rex allows you to make changes to your flight within 60 minutes of your scheduled departure, Qantas within 30 minutes, and Virgin Australia states “prior to scheduled departure”, assuming that you can do so right up until your scheduled departure time.  


Most Reliable Domestic Airline: Qantas Airways 

Nothing is worse than a long day of interstate travel and work, than getting to the airport and finding out that your flight is either delayed or cancelled. We know that unforeseen circumstances like weather or resourcing issues can come into play, but if we look to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research’s ‘Domestic airline on time performance report’ for 2023, Qantas achieved the highest level of on time departures among the major domestic airlines. As for cancellations, Rex recorded the lowest cancellation rate of 1.9%, followed closely by Qantas at 3.4%. Qantas may have fallen out of the top 20 global airline rankings announced at the 2024 World Airline Awards, but according to the Bureau’s report, it remains the trustiest airline here in Australia if you’re looking to arrive somewhere on time. 


World’s Best Business Class: Qatar Airways 

Flying in comfort so you can arrive at your destination feeling recharged and ready to go after a long-haul flight is essential. Qatar Airways was recently recognised by the 2024 World Airlines Awards for the World’s Best Business Class – and for good reason. A trailblazer in the industry, they are widely regarded for their unparalleled service offering, which goes beyond just their world-class hospitality. Inside their renowned Qsuite business class cabins, you’ll find fully lie-flat beds, sliding doors for pure privacy, and we can’t forget their exclusive amenity kit developed in partnership with Diptyque. In the World’s Best Business Class Award for 2024, Qatar Airways was closely followed by Singapore Airlines in 2nd place. 

Qatar Airways Best AirlinesCredit: 


World’s Best Economy Class: Cathay Pacific Airways 

Cathay Pacific Airways ranked 5th place in the overall World’s Best Airline of 2024, but managed to top all airlines winning the World’s Best Economy Class for 2024. If you’re travelling economy class internationally, Cathay Pacific’s economy class cabins have been designed with comfort and convenience front of mind. One of our favourite features is their award-winning entertainment system which allows you to connect your personal headphones via Bluetooth. And on certain planes, there’s even a dedicated shelf designed to keep your mobile device at eye level so that you can comfortably watch your own content – if you’re not already immersed in their state-of-the-art entertainment system. 


Best Perks: Emirates Airlines 

A few added perks can make international business travel much more comfortable and convenient, which is where Emirates Airlines shines. Their elevated business class goes beyond just the in-flight offerings. Whether it’s the complimentary chauffeur-drive service to and from the airport, or the exceptional lounge access and fast-track passes for pre-check and immigration, you can fly relaxed knowing that your international travel will be seamless thanks to the perks Emirates provides. 


Your Corporate Travel Professionals 

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