The Exciting Prospects of Personalised Corporate Travel

The Exciting Prospects of Personalised Corporate Travel

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Corporate travel has long been viewed as a necessary but often tedious part of doing business. Recent trends suggest corporate travel management is evolving beyond its traditional role, with a growing emphasis on personalisation and individualisation.

By leveraging the latest technologies and strategies, travel agencies can now provide personalised corporate travel experiences tailored to the needs and preferences of each traveller.

Personalised corporate travel has the potential to transform the way companies approach business travel. Here are some of the exciting prospects of personalised corporate travel:

Improved employee satisfaction and retention

Personalised corporate travel helps companies improve employee satisfaction and retention by providing travel experiences that are tailored to each traveller’s needs. Companies can build a stronger relationship with their staff by showing they care about their employees’ well-being and comfort. Setting up a travel incentive program for your staff is a great way to incentivise employees to strive to meet their KPIs. As a reward, you can organise group travel or individual leisure holidays based on your team’s requirements.

Increased productivity

Personalised corporate travel can help employees be more productive by reducing travel-related stress and fatigue. Our corporate travel agents are experts in knowing how to get your staff members from A to B fast and efficiently. And knowing everything is taken care of from accommodation to car hire means they are more likely to feel comfortable and relaxed, which can help them perform better in meetings and other business activities.

Enhanced cost savings

Personalised corporate travel can help companies save money by allowing them to optimise their travel policies and processes. By tailoring travel experiences to each employee’s needs, companies can reduce unnecessary expenses and avoid wasted resources. For example; in your company’s travel policy you can dictate what airlines and classes your employees are allowed to book, to avoid anyone talking it upon themselves to book first class or penthouse suites.

Improved travel management

Personalised corporate travel can help companies improve their travel management processes by providing better data and insights. By collecting and analysing data on each traveller’s preferences and needs, companies can make more informed decisions about travel policies, supplier relationships, and other factors that impact travel management.

If you’re considering implementing personalised corporate travel for your company, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

Develop a clear travel policy

Before implementing personalised corporate travel, it’s important to develop a clear travel policy that outlines the goals and objectives of your travel program. This policy should include guidelines on budget, booking procedures, whether insurance is the responsibility of the individual, right down to meal allowances and if the mini bar is covered by the company..

Invest in the right technology

To effectively implement personalised corporate travel, you need to invest in the right technology. This may include tools for travel booking, expense tracking, and data analysis. Pulse Travel uses a user-friendly system that allows you to book online yourself if you wish, otherwise you can talk to one of our corporate travel agents. 

Communicate with your employees

Effective communication is key to the success of any personalised corporate travel program. Make sure to engage with your employees early and often, and provide them with clear information about the program’s goals, policies, and procedures.

Encourage employee feedback

To ensure that your personalised  corporate travel program is successful, it’s important to encourage employee feedback. Solicit feedback from employees on their travel experiences, and use this feedback to improve your program over time.

A Personalised Approach at Pulse Travel

At ,,,,,,,,, we implemented a personalised corporate travel program for PCYC Queensland back in 2017 and continue to enjoy a strong relationship with them.

The key objectives PCYC Queensland were looking for included ways to reduce their air travel expenditure and implement a booking policy to streamline the process. We strongly recommended PCYC join Virgin Australia’s Accelerate Business Program which delivers rebates for their loyalty. In addition to this, we negotiated a Qantas Business Savings Account on their behalf which secured airfare discounts on domestic and international routes. At the time of this case study, PCYC received a $1.75k rebate from Virgin Australia and saved $17.8K through the use of Serko online.

We made sure to communicate with our client throughout the implementation process, soliciting feedback and making adjustments based on their input. As a result, our personalised corporate travel program has been a resounding success, improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and cost savings.

“The team at Pulse Travel have consistently provided outstanding customer service to our employees across Queensland. Nothing is too much trouble for working together,” said Megan Bishop, a representative of PCYC Queensland.

Personalised corporate travel is an exciting new trend that has the potential to transform the way companies approach business travel. At Pulse Travel, we are here to help you set up a travel plan or travel incentives for your company.