Top Destinations For Thrill-Seekers In Australia


From the vast outback to the ever-lasting coastline, Australia boasts a long list of adventures for those on the hunt for an adrenaline rush. If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for your next adventure, here’s Pulse Travel’s top ten hotspots to tick off your bucket list when travelling around Australia: 



Swim with Whale Sharks in the Ningaloo Reef – Western Australia 

Up in the north-west corner of Western Australia sits the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. This crystal-clear reef is home to the world’s biggest fish – the whale shark – who you could have the chance to swim alongside. These gentle friendly giants congregate in the Ningaloo Reef between late April to early July if you’re up for this exhilarating yet tranquil once-in-a-lifetime experience.  


Cruise through Jumping Crocodiles in the Adelaide River – Northern Territory 

There’s nothing quite like a crocodile to get your heart racing. Or better yet, a jumping crocodile. Up in the heart of the Nothern Territory, you can get up-close and personal with these predators as you cruise along the Adelaide River – just a short drive from Darwin. Led by expert guides of course, watch the crocodiles put on a jaw-dropping show as they fly out of the water to hunt their pray just metres away from you.  


Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge – New South Wales 

If turning your legs to jelly is the thrill you seek, then soaring to new heights while climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the adventure for you. Especially if it’s your first time in Australia, the famous bridge climb is a must-do experience to soak in breathtaking 360-degree views of the iconic Sydney Harbour.  



White Water Raft down the Franklin River – Tasmania 

Embark on a true expedition while white water rafting through the Franklin River. Winding its way through Tasmania’s untouched World Heritage Area, the Franklin River offers a challenging yet rewarding rafting experience through impressive gorges and wild rapids that you wouldn’t get to witness any other way. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a platypus or two as you go! 


4WD through the Flinders Ranges – South Australia  

The Flinders Ranges in South Australia’s outback is renowned for its diverse and rugged landscape. From ancient gorges to impressive rock formations and abundant wildlife, the track that runs through the Flingers Ranges is a must for all the 4WD enthusiasts out there.  


Sand Toboggan Down the Dunes on Moreton Island – Queensland

If you’ve got a need for speed, you’re guaranteed to have a good time when sand tobogganing down the sand dunes on Moreton Island. Just over an hour ferry ride from Brisbane, Moreton Island is arguably one of the best places to experience all outdoor activities. From camping, to diving around shipwrecks, feeding dolphins and of course sandboarding, you can really pick your adventure here. Climbing up the steep sand dunes is sure to get your heart racing, but then you reap the rewards as you zoom down, reaching speeds of up to 40km per hour! 


Skydive Over the Gold Coast – Queensland  

The Gold Coast city skyline is impressive, but what’s even more impressive is seeing it from 12,000 feet high – as you jump out of a plane. Pushing yourself (quite literally) out of your comfort zone and skydiving over the Gold Coast is definitely a bucket list experience for the real adrenaline junkies. This one is bound to leave you buzzing and on top of the world after facing your fears, then getting to take in some of the best views of Australia’s magnificent east coastline. 


Abseil down Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains – New South Wales

The Blue Mountains are World Heritage-listed for a reason. Both nature and wildlife are in abundance here, and the same goes for adventures. Just a 1.5 hour drive from Sydney, you can hike over 47 trails in the Blue Mountains and abseil down these picturesque waterfalls. 


Surf along the Great Ocean Road – Victoria  

If you’re a seasoned surfer, paying a visit to the beaches along the Great Ocean Road should be near the top of your bucket list. Known as the Surf Coast, the beaches that hug this scenic coastal road are home to some of the most gnarly swells. You’ve probably heard of Bells Beach from the world-famous surf competition, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, which is why this hotspot is a mecca for all surfers. 


Tasmania, AustraliaHike the World’s Edge in the Three Capes – Tasmania 

How about walking along the world’s edge in Tasmania? Witness some of the most dramatic cliffs you’ll ever see as you venture through Tasmania’s Three Capes Track. Untouched, remote and rugged, this four-day trail is challenging, yet incredibly serene as you hug the cliffs along Australia’s far south-east. Next stop? Antarctica. 


Planning your next travel adventure? 

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