30 Ideas to make your holiday extra special

  • 30 Ideas to make your holiday extra special


    You have booked your epic holiday and you’re keen on a little indulgence (could be small or large). Keep these tips in mind and you’ll enjoy your upcoming trip that little more.

    1. Book with a Travel Agent!
    2. Upgrade to business or first class if your budget allows
    3. Indulge in a room upgrade – maybe a bungalow or a suite if it’s in the budget
    4. Take a nap during the day!
    5. Add on a cruise if your destination has a port
    6. Get your hair done
    7. Enjoy a Hot air balloon ride
    8. Indulge in a Champagne breakfast
    9. Enjoy a extra long bubble bath with your favourite cocktail
    10. Book a Private villa with your own driver, chef, butler
    11. Morning/Day spent at the spa
    12. Visit the opera 
    13. Personal shopping experience
    14. In room massage
    15. Go to an oyster bar during happy hour
    16. go down to the local ice cream parlor and indulge in a fudge sundae 
    17. Buy some local artwork
    18. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers for your hotel room 
    19. Try something adventurous that will be memorable and not something you would usually do 
    20. Take a private tour with a personal guide – it’s more intimate, you will learn more and maybe hidden locations
    21. Learn a new skill – maybe noodle making in japan, master the art of the perfect coffee in Italy?
    22. Have a nanny look after the kids so you can have a romantic dinner or a nap
    23. Have a private dinner on the beach
    24. Get your nails done 
    25. Experience a horse ride amongst nature 
    26. Harley-Davidson ride
    27. A sunset boat cruise.
    28. A special cake, champagne or  chocolates waiting in your room upon arrival for your special someone to celebrate an occasion.
    29. Buy something that will have sentimental memories from your holiday 
    30. Most importantly – end your last week/day on a high.

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