Personalisation in Corporate Travel

Personalisation in Corporate Travel

In today’s busy world, personalisation has become a powerful aspect of many industries, especially corporate travel management. Personalisation in corporate travel refers to being able to tailor travel to meet individual travellers’ needs and preferences within the parameters specified.

With customised travel services, our corporate travel consultants can create unique travel packages for their clients. This will improve traveller satisfaction, increase productivity, and lead to greater cost savings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of personalisation in corporate travel and how to implement it effectively.

The Advantages of Customised Travel Services

Corporate travel management is a complex process involving booking flights, accommodation, ground transportation, and managing travel expenses. To ensure all travellers have a seamless travel experience, experienced Pulse Travel consultants offer customisable travel packages.

By understanding the individual preferences of each business’s employees, such as their preferred airlines, hotels, seating arrangements and which rewards program they belong to. By offering unique travel packages, our corporate travel consultants are able to build long-term relationships with businesses they partner with.

Benefits of Personalisation in Corporate Travel

Improved Traveller Satisfaction

Personalisation in corporate travel results in businesses experiencing a higher level of satisfaction when booking an overseas conference or extra time sightseeing after work is done. Having a comprehensive database of previous travel details and preferences for travel speeds up the booking process and helps employees feel appreciated.

Happy travellers who have confidence in the pre-planned business travel arrangements are more likely to perform well on business trips which can increase productivity and contribute to your company’s success.

Greater Cost Savings

Personalisation in corporate travel can also lead to significant cost savings. When our Pulse travel consultants tailor travel packages based on employee  preferences, they can avoid unnecessary expenses. For example, a large corporation who constantly prefers a particular airline or hotel chain, gives a corporate travel consultant the ability to negotiate better rates. Long term, this can result in saving quite a bit of money.

Improved Travel Program Optimisation

When booking travel on a regular basis, your dedicated Pulse Travel consultant will gain =an in-depth understanding of the businesses travel patterns, and be  able to  identify areas where they can save your company money.

For example, if you have a large sales contingent on your team who travel nationwide for work and their preference is to stay at Accor branded hotels, your corporate travel agent may be able to lock in a permanent  lower rate.

Collecting data is essential for personalisation

Collecting data on business travellers’ preferences is essential for personalisation in corporate travel. You may be asked to fill in surveys, feedback forms, and provide your  booking history when engaging a new corporate travel agent.

Ways to personalise your travel

One of our travel agents will work through this process with you so we can establish the following:

  • Preferred airlines and hotels – For example; Qantas, Jetstar, Scoot/ Hilton, Accor, Mantra.
  • Preferred seating arrangements – whether or not employees are allowed to travel business class.
  • In-flight entertainment preferences – the business will also need to decide whether or not the cost is covered when movies and food are available at additional costs.
  • Dietary restrictions – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free.
  • Loyalty program memberships – Velocity, Qantas, Airpoints with Air New Zealand.

Implementing Personalisation in Corporate Travel

At Pulse Travel, you’ll get access to a personalised reporting dashboard providing detailed insights. You’ll also have full transparency of your travel spend. We’ll start out by making a comprehensive travel policy which will incorporate items as to what the business will cover for travel For example;Only management can fly business class on Qantas, any other employee travelling for work must fly economy. Individuals are able to pay for upgrades from their own pocket.

Breakfast and dinner during conferences, but additional food purchased will be at the cost of the employee.

The great thing about working with Pulse Travel is that we provide a human element when you’ve got questions or need support. You’re not just handed logins to a dashboard and left to your own devices to mull through it.

Challenges of Personalisation in Corporate Travel

Balancing Personalisation with Cost Savings

One of the biggest challenges of personalisation in corporate travel is balancing it with cost savings. While personalisation can lead to greater cost savings in the long run,  there is a fine line between organising a business trip at cost and not being so budget-focused that your employee ends up on budget airlines and staying at backpackers hostels. Corporate travel consultants need to find a balance between offering personalised services and managing costs effectively.

Ensuring Compliance with Corporate Travel Policies

Corporate travel policies are put in place to ensure that business travellers follow certain guidelines and regulations such as; employees are responsible for travel insurance costs, or whether or not meals are paid for by the company.

No matter what the rules around travel are, there will always be those individuals who aspire to beat the system. While our travel agents will do our best to personalise each business trip based on individuals needs, you may need to reign in those staff members with the “Do you know who I am?” mentality.

Our travel consultants will ensure that all customised travel packages are compliant with the company’s travel policies, but ensure your employees are aware of the regulations around corporate travel.

The crucial role of Corporate Travel

In conclusion, personalisation plays a crucial role in corporate travel, and its benefits cannot be overstated. By tailoring travel experiences to meet the unique needs and preferences of corporate travellers, companies can improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity, and ultimately, achieve their business goals. With the help of advanced technology and innovative travel solutions, corporate travel agencies like Pulse Corporate Travel can provide customised travel experiences, cost-saving strategies, and personalised reporting dashboards, ensuring that corporate travel is streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable for all.

Overall, personalisation is key to achieving success in corporate travel, and companies that embrace this approach are likely to see significant benefits in the long run.