Top 12 Places To Travel Once Borders Reopen

Top 12 Places To Travel Once Borders Reopen

Pack your bags! Get your passports ready! The Australian borders are about to reopen, and we have the top 12 places you’ll want to travel too!

For nearly 600 days our interstate and international borders have been shut, but the time has finally come to stretch our wings and travel. Whether you want to stay within our borders and explore your own backyard or you’re ready to flash your passport and head off overseas, we’ve got you covered with the best places to travel once the borders reopen.



Best Places To See In Australia

Unique wildlife, sparkling beaches and endless outback plains. What words come to mind when you describe our homeland, Australia?

In 2019, Australia welcomed over 9.3 million tourists to our sparkling, sandy shores. From our (mostly) cute and (mostly) friendly wildlife to our spectacular natural wonders, Australia has a wealth of gems for any intrepid adventurer to explore, and if you’re not quite ready to jet off overseas, we know of a few Australian destinations that you’ll love.


Kimberley National Park

One of the few pockets of true wilderness left in Australia, the Kimberley region is full of natural wonders of the world. Stretching out over the north-western part of Australia, explore gems such as the Bungle Bungles, Horizontal Falls, Gibb River Road and King George Falls, by road trip or tour. Sights are stretched right through the Northern Territory and Western Australia, so we recommend a Grand Kimberley Cruise to see everything.



One of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Uluru has long attracted tourists to its ever-changing red face. While climbing the rock is no longer permitted due to cultural reasons, walking around the base is permitted and encouraged, allowing tourists to experience not only the grandeur of this formation, but also learn about the history and culture as well. Enjoying a dinner at the Field of Lights is also encouraged. As the sun sets, watch Uluru transform from a vibrant orange to a deep red, while 50,000 sparkling lights turn the outback into a sea of stars. Your experience will be topped off with chilled champagne and 3 courses of bush tucker, making it a night you won’t likely forget any time soon.


Kangaroo Island

Just off mainland Australia, Kangaroo Island is known for three things–the food, the coastline and the incredibly cute Quokka!

Accessed via boat, car or plane from Adelaide, you can visit Kangaroo Island either for a day trip, or book yourself into one of the 5-star villa’s for a longer stay. We recommend taking a tour of Adelaide and Kangaroo Island to make sure you see the best parts.



Known for having the best scenery and richest history in Australia, a trip down to Tasmania should go on your bucket list now that the weather has warmed back up.

Despite its size, the Apple Isle has a diverse range of places to visit on your next trip down there. Cradle Mountain, a pristine place of moss-covered rainforests and deep gorges, is highly recommended to see due to its wide variety of wildlife, as well as Freycinet National Park, best known for the show stopping Wineglass Bay.

Not just limited to natural sights, Tasmania is also home to the fantastic Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail. We recommend a Guided Tasmanian Tour to ensure you see it all!



Bustling, vibrant and full of personality, over 10.4 million visitors grace the footpaths of Melbourne CBD every year. Primarily known for its artisan coffee, incredible street art and (of course) the sport, you’ll find something to eat, drink, see or take a photo of on every corner. Not just popular for tourists, Melbourne is also a popular meeting place for corporate travellers, due to its strong business hub. If you’re planning to head to Melbourne for business reasons, we suggest checking out our Melbourne Business Travel Guide!



Best Places To Travel Around The World

Are you ready to dust off your passport? International travel is on the way back!

While visiting our backyard for the last few years has been fun, if you’re ready to take travel to the next level, we know of several places you’ll want to add to the top of your bucket list.


Queenstown, New Zealand

Ready to travel, but don’t want to stray far from home? A short 3.5 hours later and you could be in the ultimate adventure hub of New Zealand. Welcome to Queenstown!

Queenstown has a variety of year-round attractions. Go bungee jumping, white water rafting or exploring via quad bike during summer, and carve up the powder at Queenstown’s famous ski fields, Coronet Peak, during winter. Queenstown is also known for its fabulous food and wine, so make sure to pack your stretchy pants!


Walt Disney World, Florida USA

Disney World is known and loved by fans all around the world. Made up of over 173 rides, dozens of daily shows and even safaris through their very own Animal Kingdom Zoo, it’s no wonder why!

Spread out over four theme parks, it’s recommended that you block out at least a couple of days to explore one of the world’s largest theme parks. There is plenty of accommodation nearby, but if you have the money, it’s well worth staying on-site in one of the 25 hotels. Offering you extra time in the park, complementary in-park transport, and access to everything from your doorstep, there are options for you to immerse yourself in the Disney magic, no matter what your budget is.


Alta, Norway

We’ve all seen the northern lights in the movies, those sparkling rivers of green and blue lights that seem to dance across the sky. Alta, a town in Norway, is known as the “aurora borealis city”, and between September to April, it has the perfect conditions for seeing them.

One of the world’s greatest natural phenomena, seeing the Northern Lights from Alta is highly recommended, but if you can’t make it between September to April, there is still plenty to do. Renowned for their magical islands, deep fjords and soaring mountains, stepping into the land of Norway is like entering another world. You can also get adventurous and go on a dog sled tour or visit Santa’s reindeer!


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Rated as one of the most breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a history-lovers heaven. Literally translated to ‘City of Temples’, Angkor Wat consists of hundreds of ancient buildings spread over 162.6 hectares, making it one of the world’s largest religious structures and a full-day trip for adventurers.

Built in the 12th century, there’s no accommodation on-site, but plenty in nearby Siem Reap. If you want to make the most of your trip, make sure you get up early to see it all!


Cairo, Egypt

If you think of Cairo, the first word that comes to mind is often ‘Pyramids’. Built in approximately 2550 B.C, the Pyramids of Giza pose an impressive profile, standing tall over the city.

Open for visitation, you’re able to walk through the pyramids for a fee, even able to explore the King’s Chamber with his empty granite sarcophagus. The famous Sphinx is also nearby, so make sure you take the opportunity to get up close and get a selfie with this incredible structure!


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are known for their incredible scenery, unique wildlife and, of course, the Galapagos Tortoises, and with tourism at an all-time low, now is a great time to visit. There are a few ways you can get to the islands, but booking a cruise is the easiest and most effective way to go, ensuring you make the most of your time there. Cruises around the islands are starting to resume, so make sure you put the Galapagos Islands on your bucket list!


Paris, France

Visiting Europe is high up on everyone’s travel list, so it’s no surprise that we think you need to head over there ASAP. Apart from the obvious tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe, Paris has plenty of unforgettable tourist attractions to suit everyone’s tastes. Enjoy the great outdoors at the Luxembourg Gardens or Tuileries Garden, immerse yourself in history at the Pantheon or, if you’re brave enough, head underground and explore the Paris Catacombs!


With travel on our doorstep and the world at our fingertips, it’s time to start dreaming of travel again. Contact our professional team of corporate and leisure agents today to book your next corporate or leisure trip, or check out our leisure specials for more travel inspiration!