Trends shaping the way Corporate Travel is booked

  • Trends shaping the way Corporate Travel is booked

    As economic growth continues to sweep across Australia, corporations are seeking to partner with an all in one, door to door business travel solution to maintain positive momentum and cost saving opportunities.

    How do we know this? In 2019 Sabre (Pulse Corporate Travel’s leading technology provider) revealed results of a survey compiled from insight provided from corporate travel bookers and managers.

    What do the results show?

    • Reducing overall corporate travel spend was at the top of the list with 65% of respondents wanting to save more money.
    • 25% of respondents seeking airline carriers that offer low fares without some of the traditional services and amenities provided by other airlines
    • With a 5% increase in bookings, Premium Economy was the favourite choice
    • 40% of bookings made by travel managers are cabin downgrades from Business Class to Economy Class.
    • Policy compliance is an important factor
    • 32% expect solutions that enable them to book on mobile

    How does Pulse Corporate Travel aim to be at the forefront of these trends?

    We start with the fundamentals. Saving money. The first step, to create a policy for employees that travel for work. Pulse Corporate Travel can help you create a Corporate Travel Policy so that your business can reap the advantages of control, cost reduction, traveller information, and travel management. It provides a solid foundation to your program, ensuring continuity of service from a travel professional who knows your requirements inside out. Individual Travel Policies are designed to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees.

    A dedicated Travel Manager is the best person to evaluate your present travel spend by tailoring an effective and realistic policy to consolidate your travel expenses. Allowing you receive better control of your budget, increased negotiating power and save money irrespective of how many employees travelling every month.

    Our tools can also be utilised to ensure that the online booking approval process is streamlined to ensure employees book within their travel policy. For example, the tools can be used to restrict purchases to certain suppliers or booking classes, or request approval for bookings and travel. What it also means, compliant bookings will take full advantage of negotiated rates and flow down to cost saving measures that will in turn, reduce the company’s overall spend.

    Following on. Communication and technology. Pulse Corporate Travel uses cutting edge technology to help stay in touch with your staff while they are away, to ensure everything runs smoothly and to make sure you are meeting your duty of care at all times.

    Secure online booking engines with 24/7 access, we empower your business with innovative travel options. Staff are trained on all systems to ensure smooth transition into the booking tools so they can hit the ground running without interference.

    Overall, we aim keep up to date with industry leading trends and surveys to ensure we not only meet our clients’ needs and expectations, but exceed them.

    At Pulse Corporate Travel, while technology is helpful, at the end of the day we also pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have built with suppliers and businesses all over the world. Talk to us today about how we can not only save you time and money, reach your targets and expectations but build a long successful business relationship.


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