Corporate Travel Managers: An Asset for Every Personal Assistant

  • Corporate Travel Managers: An Asset for Every Personal Assistant

    Being a Personal Assistant takes a certain set of skills, you have to be incredibly organised, high attention to detail and a multitasker for all assets of a business. Most managers and CEOs seek the help of an assistant to run their everyday working lives and essentially manage their time. Time management is one of the keys to a successful business, as the saying goes… “Time is Money”

    Personal Assistants have to co-ordinate important people being in multiple places at once. Why? Business doesn’t just happen it the office, it happens on the phone, electronically and most importantly face to face which requires travelling. This is where a PA needs to be at the top of their game. From booking flights, managing changes, transfers, accommodation, financials, organising visas, functions and meetings, the list is endless. Managing someone to get from A to B will arise with situations that will be out of their control, causing unnecessary mistakes and anxiety.

    How can this be alleviated? Partner with Pulse Corporate Travel and they can take the stress out of booking and managing travel and allow you to get back to what is important – managing time! PCT offers the service and technology to get important people to where they need to be and back to business.

    What does that mean for a Personal Assistant?

    1.  Decreased workload and reduced mistakes

    From emails to phone calls, data entry, reports and meetings – work can serve a lot on a personal assistant’s plate. The stress can be too much sometimes for a PA and when you’re tired, stressed and feel like you aren’t getting through your day to day tasks, mistakes happen, especially when you’re not experienced in all aspects of the task at hand. Allowing a personal travel manager to take charge will feel like a breath of fresh air.

    2. More efficiency

    A Pulse Corporate Travel Manager is the perfect tool for personal assistants. Travel Managers have substantial experience in travel, providing assistants with the best price, best route and cutting out the unnecessary steps in-between to get your team to the end result and saving valuable time to focus on more important tasks. Pulse Corporate Travel provides you with a Service Level Agreement to ensure that your goals and expectations are met in a timely manner.

    3. Saving time

    There are so many complicated elements to booking travel. Understanding connecting flights, schedule changes, visas, hotels, transfers, reconciliations, booking the best price, not to mention keeping track of where everyone is in emergency situations. Having a Travel Manager integrates 24/7 assistance and high quality service into an all-in-one solution. In a nutshell, it’s everything you need for a safe travel and utmost peace of mind.

    4. Efficient Reporting

    Pulse Corporate Travel utilises industry-leading technology and secure online booking engines with 24/7 access to empower assistants with innovative travel options. Helping you make smart decisions that result in hard dollar returns. Individual Travel Policies are designed to facilitate business travel, maintain efficient processes, manage costs and create clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your travellers.

    5. It Is Available 24/7

    No assistant ever will be available 24/7. However, a Pulse Corporate Travel Manager works non-stop, and is always here to help you, no matter where you are in the world, the Pulse Corporate Travel team offers 24/7 support, with real time responses and emergency after-hours service. If a crisis occurs, consultants receive minute-by-minute alerts to keep you informed and reduce disruption to your travellers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that at a moment’s notice, a dedicated team can pinpoint travellers locations, amend itineraries, assess risk, book new flights or issue new visas. Pulse Corporate Travel are here to help assistant, every step of the way.

    Now that is a breath of fresh air! Now that you are able get back to your regular tasks, here are some tips for assistants to stay motivated!

    Lists are your friends!

    Whether it’s a daily to do list, weekly, monthly, contact list or inventory list – lists are an essential part of a personal assistants life. When it comes to keeping track of them, Google or the cloud are the best tools. You can reach them from anywhere around the world at a moments notice. Create a google spreadsheet of all your logins and passwords for easy access. If you send emails to the same people on a regular basis – set them up as a group contact so you only have to type the contact once.

    Keep it in the calender

    Google Calender or Outlook will be your best friend! Put appointments, meetings, birthdays, reminders.. EVERYTHING into your calender. It will also allow you to cross check bills or where you were on a certain date (because we can’t always remember everything). It will also help you organise in advance for future events or when things are due.

    Take Notes

    As an assistant part of your role is to take notes. When you are in a meeting it allows you to capture the most important bits so make sure you always carry a notebook. If you are extra clever you can write it in shorthand or if you don’t have a pen at the time you can voice to text a note to yourself via the iphone! How easy is that! You will never miss anything!

    Set a routine

    Regardless of how busy you are, try and keep to a routine. It provides peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten things, creates stability and makes you feel productive.

    Set up systems

    It may take a bit of time to set up in the beginning but be rest assured, it will make life easier! File everything with clear labels and when something comes in, don’t let it sit on your desk – file it straight away. This can apply to emails also.

    Don’t take things to heart

    Being a personal assistant means you know a lot of personal things about someone’s home/business life. You may be the first person they speak to and last at the end of the day so there will be occasions where you will in the emotional firing line for things that have nothing to do you with you. Good personal assistants will let it be water off a ducks back and know it’s just a mood and it will pass. Keeping this mind set will make you stronger and more relaxed in the tough times.

    Since 1989, Pulse Travel has focused on efficiently reducing client’s Corporate Travel budgets, whilst policing Corporate Travel Policies thus saving both time and money. Make sure you follow our linkedin page ‘Pulse Travel’ for insightful information and how we can help you reduce your overall corporate travel spend. www.

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