Qatar Airways update

  • Qatar Airways update

    QATAR Airways has announced that its flight attendants will wear disposable full body protective suits during flights, along with modified service protocols to reduce interactions between
    passengers and crew. Effective from 25th May all QR passengers will also be required to wear face coverings, while all social areas aboard the carrier’s aircraft have been closed to enforce social distancing. Large bottles of hand sanitiser are being made available for both cabin crew and passengers, and aircraft are being regularly disinfected. Doha Airport has also deployed
    fully autonomous mobile UV-C emitting disinfectant robots. Other measures include enhanced sanitisation of linen, blankets and headsets, while crew rosters have been modified so two groups are being dispatched on short- and medium-haul flights – the first to manage the outbound sector and the second for the inbound flight. For long-haul destinations crew members who have to stay overnight in a foreign city may only travel in QR-approved transport, and must remain in their rooms and limit human interactions. Source: Travel Daily

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