5 Reasons You Need a Travel Manager

Working for large, even small corporations has its challenges. There are many elements that keep a business running and staff business travel is just one of them. The thought of booking corporate travel can be a daunting experience, it’s time consuming, costly and overwhelming and if you’re not consistently over everything, you could be missing out on huge savings.


An easy solution? A corporate travel manager can help you manage your business travel like never before, by taking control of cost management, negotiating the best deals, reporting and putting in place a tailored corporate travel policy. How will this benefit you? It means you will save both time and money!

Here are five reasons why you need a professional travel management company:

  1. Costs

A professional corporate travel manager like Pulse Corporate Travel is guaranteed to save you money. This means that you get complete control over corporate trips while reducing your travel expenditure significantly through negotiated supplier deals. If that was not all, you can benefit from a monitored corporate travel policy that manages costs and creates a clear, fair and streamlined procedures for your employees.

  1. High Level of Service

Since 1989, Pulse Corporate Travel has been delivering the highest level of personal services to global clients. It focuses primarily to improve your business travel experience so that you get connected to the best end-to-end corporate travel solutions. Our dedicated team work with you so that all your expectations and targets are fulfilled without compromising on quality through a service level agreement. We also make sure your staff are trained on all systems to ensure smooth transition into the booking tools so they can hit the ground running without interference.

  1. Duty of Care

No matter where you are in the world, the Pulse Corporate Travel team offers 24/7 support, with real time responses and emergency after hours support. You won’t be speaking to someone overseas, you will be speaking with an actual PCT staff member that knows your business, knows your needs and cares about your travellers as much as they would our own.

  1. Complete Transparency

PCT provides travel management solutions that deliver greater value and transparency by tailoring a unique and personlised experience for each traveller. It allows corporations to maintain control over their corporate travel programs by integrating corporate travel polices, negotiated rates, preferred suppliers via an easy to use online booking tool. Travellers can easily plan, book and secure flight, car hire and accommodation itineraries that are automatically customised to keep within your policies.

  1. Industry leading technology

Pulse Corporate Travel utilizes industry leading technology and secure online booking engines with 24/7 access to empower your business with innovative travel options. Helping you make smart decisions that result in hard dollar returns for your business.

Need to know more?

Since 1989, Pulse Travel has focused on efficiently reducing client’s Corporate Travel budgets, whilst policing Corporate Travel Policies thus saving both time and money. Make sure you follow our linkedin page ‘Pulse Travel’ for insightful information and how we can help you reduce your overall corporate travel spend.